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Get to know me better

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3 months ago

Allow me to share some of my personal information in this article. We come from different parts of the world, so I don't think you knew me. In fact, no one here recognizes me. One of the reasons why I keep my journey here is that I want to express my thoughts and feelings through writing and earn some money for my studies. Because, soon I will review for board examinations after we finished our thesis and graduated from College. So I hope you will support me on this journey. Since you've been using this site for a long time, I'm sure many of you have seen Cash Friends. I want to get one too! ♡

The following question was taken from an article written by my fellow readers and published here on - thanks to them.

Let me start my personal introduction with my username so you can get to know me better.

Dora - As we know her, she is the main character in the animated series "Dora the Explorer". When I was younger, me and my sisters always watched this show, like we always take our time just to watch this show. It's a big part of my childhood.

Twinklers - which means anan object that emits or reflects light in an intermittent flickering manner. I choose this word because I want my writings to shine and reflects who I am.

Have you ever given yourself a nickname?

I don't have a nickname because my name is only four letters long. By the way, my name is Jane. But some of my closest friends just pronounce my name as Ja-ne. They made my name with two syllables instead of one. Funny right? Just for me to have a nickname LOL.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I spend almost half of my spare time on Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter and Instagram and Youtube. Watching Korean dramas is also one of my interests. I like drawing and painting. Because it calms me down and I feel calm whenever I paint. I'll show some of my works here, in some other time.

What is your favorite game or sport to watch?

To be honest, I don't play sports because I'm not into it. But before, I when I was in sixth grade, I played table tennis at school, but I didn't really like it, so I didn't continue. After that, I also tried playing badminton but after I reached the district level, I quit because sports is not really for me.

This concludes the first part of my answers to some personal questions I have encountered on this site. I will try to answer more questions in the next article. ♡

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Written by   5
3 months ago
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Nice to know you doratwinklers :) Hope to know you more by your writings. :) Enjoy your journey here.

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3 months ago