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First day, first stress

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8 months ago

Being in a phase of adjustment is quite normal especially when you are just new to something. Doing certain things you've done in the past may seemed familiar, but getting a chance to do it once again feels like you need to refresh something before actually getting a task right once again.

Hi fellow readers, it's another day and it remarks a new opportunity for us. I really felt blessed as I just got an answered prayer and now, I am finally starting to to indulge myself into this thing that I've asked for.

Now since I was offered a job,

I really did my best, for once in a while. I slept a bit earlier last night, yey feeling excited, at around 9:30PM and set my alarm on 4:50AM the next day enough for me to prepare for travel at 6AM. I then prepared myself, I cooked on the rice cooker and then took a bath. After that, I prepared clothes just enough to cover our two days duty for this week since we won't be having weekends unlike the old times. Then I ate breakfast, and minutes then my friend chatted that she is already at a certain bakeshop waiting for me as we will be traveling now to our work station. I really did my best, but we were able to start travelling at nearly 7AM haha, so much for the preparation. It was a bit hassle traveling earlier as it has been drizzling, but gladly it didn't rain.

Though I was a bit sad,

I made a short stop at a city to withdraw some cash. And yes, I have converted some of my bch savings into PHP as I will it as my allowance while working. And after I'm done acquirong cash for my pocket money, we immediately fleed off to a friend's house, stopped for a bit and travelled of to a municipality where we'll be working, at Hindang, Leyte.

We arrived just barely before it reached 9AM in the morning. We've coordinated with the local government officials and headed off to a barangay where we are headed to register. I really can't contain my excitement as it has been 5 months since I last operated, I assembled my equipment. But as I was trying to test my peripherals, my excitement suddenly vanished and I felt stressed all over. I just found out the my equipment has some faulty parts and I really had no idea earlier as to what could be causing it. And later on, I knew that cord in which it connects to the camera was faulty and there is something I need to do in particular to make it work. Can't believe I had to wait for an hour to make my equipment fully operational, hahaha.

I've been dealing with this problem for an hour, haha

As soon as it became okay, I have started accepting clients. But then, I was only able to entertain a few people for the entire duration I've been operational maybe because other people have been finished with the registration process.

It was then time to call it a day

At 3PM, since there were no clients coming in the whole afternoon of waiting, we've decided to disassemble and retrieve our equipment back to its luggage. We've told the barangay officials we'll be going home, but before that we left our equipments at the municipal hall before we head home. I asked a friend to stay at their place temporarily as I still need to look for a place to stay later on.

Author's Note

Everything then was fine. But there was a bit of a thing that bothered me earlier. As my workmates seemed to have a bit misunderstanding with each other over certain things. I did feel bothered, but I hope that it will be okay for tomorrow.

Hey, how was your day? I wanna thank you for your time in reading, may God bless you.

Photos were taken from my phone, including lead image

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Written by   56
8 months ago
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