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A fun day, with work friends

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8 months ago

Hello everyone, I am finally here once again. How was your day these days? I've been busy lately that I can only publish a few articles in a week.

I was supposed to write this last Sunday, but never had the time to do so, as I was so occupied myself. As it was a birthday celebration of my workmate's nephew, and we got invited days before.

Since it was a sunday,

I was not able to go to the beach earlier with them, as I am still at my town and my friends are all from Baybay City, and I am still going to attend a church service before I could attend to the birthday celebration. I've had a bit of hesitation on going, because I want to stay longer at home to relax but I find it a waste if I cannot attend, because there will be lechon hahaha.

So I first attended church at morning, and it was finished at 11AM in the morning. I then prepared my stuff, coz' I planned to head back straight to where I'm staying at for work. But I got delayed, and was able to leave home around 30 -35 mins. before 1PM. And I was the one who arrived late, at 1:20Pm well better late than later.

Then we had karaoke fun time the whole afternoon. But I didn't sing with them as it is not my thing, haha. I feel uncomfortable hearing my voice on mic. I just sang along with them if I find the the song quite familiar.

As they are busy singing and looking for songs to sing next, I went near the shore and took beautiful photos of the beach. As it was an approaching sunset.

I planned to go for a swim, earlier when I arrived but then the sun came too strong. I don't want to go to work looking burned under the heat of the sun, haha.

Then I came back to my friends, and rejoined in their videoke time.

At this time, it was already getting hotter. But I just stayed there in place, as they are still enjoying their karaoke time.

At around 6PM,

We have headed back, as it was already dark and we still have work for yesterday. And there are reports that we still need to finish.

Then Monday came,

Yesterday, we went early for work. And I found out that I will be stationed at a remote barangay, while my good friend will be stationed at a High School just at town. But it's fine, I told my superior earlier last week that I am okay if ever I'll be deployed to a farther barangay.

I never knew the situation of that certain barangay at first, but indeed it was a bumpy ride on a road with a lot of ups and downs like literally. It was one heck of a ride, I can see the steep cliffs on the side of the road and that travel lasted for an hour from the highway.

When I arrived at the area,

I was surprised to see that there were no registrants waiting for us, only to find out that they weren't informed of their schedule for National ID Registration. Then, the assigned barangay official for that day were taking rounds in their area to announce for those who were still not able to register. And gladly I was still able to register a lot of people.

And at 3PM yesterday, I was able to go home early since there we're only few clients in the afternoon.

Closing Thoughts:

I never really thought that I would be having great times these days. I am so blessed that I have great colleagues at work and that they are just fun to be with.

I never felt different with them, and their vibes are just great. I always look forward to having a great day with them always.

To my fellow readers, I thank you endlessly for the support you've given on my drafts. and to Rusty, thank you for visiting my drafts even in my absences here in read.

Lead image was taken from Unsplash

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Written by   56
8 months ago
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How long it takes po ba to get the National ID? Hindi ko rin makita sa data kapag nag track ako online hahaha. Enlighten me bro.

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8 months ago

Great bonding! Me too I have a limited time for this platform but incase by fortunate chance that I have vacant time I would spent here and try to interact with good people here

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8 months ago