Master uncle

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Master uncle

I like Master Kaka very much. Strange people. Equal to father in age. Didn't get married. You have been with us for more than two decades. No family ties. No one outside understands that though. Why on the outside, I myself thought of him as my father's brother for a long time. The fact that he has become so close to us, even though he is my father's friend and only friend, is hard to fathom. Master Kakar was introduced to his father at Anandamohan College. That was all a long time ago. Heard from Mar. We could not learn anything directly from my father. He used to listen to what his parents used to say. Us. Maybe my father used to look at Master Kaka very kindly, so he told his mother all the details.

Master Kaka was a very quiet type of boy. He would choose a place by the window in class and look out all the time. Not so eye-catching boy. A little kujo, the bones of the throat sticking out, a dry rope-twisted look. Everyone in the class calls the robber vulture mama. Still, my father was very attracted to him. Seeing his strange indifference in all matters and his unusual possession of numbers. They also became close friends in a very short time. Master Kaka used to say, two things I love, the first is arithmetic, the second is astrology. At that young age, Master Kaka learned to make perfect koshti.

Just before the exam, Master Kaka had to leave the college. He got into a special kind of trouble. Speaking of which time, very few girls used to come to Anandamohan to study science. Advocate Radhikaranjan Chowdhury's daughter Anila Chowdhury was a special exception among all the girls.

She had a very attractive appearance, could sing very well, was also very talented as a student. But he never talked to anyone. When someone came to speak, he would respond coldly. Maybe he was a little arrogant. To seize her, the boys suddenly changed her name to Anila and started calling her Shakuni Mami! Vulture mama and vulture mami. The verse was written and distributed under this name. Master Kaka did not mind calling him Shakun Mama. But he was shocked at this. Feeling unbearable, Anila Chowdhury left Anandamohan College. Shortly afterwards, they moved with their family to Calcutta permanently. Perhaps Master Kakar had a strong weakness towards Anil. Because he also left college almost immediately. After that he was not found for a long time.

About six years later, he met his father at Thakurpara in Comilla, at his father's own wedding. Dad didn't recognize. When Master Kaka took his father's hand and said, I am Sharif Akand, don't you recognize? Then he recognized. Aging prematurely. The skin on the forehead is wrinkled, becoming more crumpled. Dad was surprised and said, what a surprise, I didn't think we would meet again. Where do you live here

I live in the house where you got married. Reading to children.

Dad said, will you come with me?

Master Kaka agreed with great interest. He has been with us ever since. Dad has mastered the school, he is alone in it. He is bound up with our memories from birth. What I remember about my childhood is that I am sitting far away and reading. In his room, Rabyata is making noise, Master Kaka is suddenly distracted while teaching, the baby is holding hands in front of me, two hands.

From looking at the hand with deep attention for a while, again distracted, muttered. He says that all destiny is controlled. Surrounded by circles. No one can go outside of this. Not me, baby, not you.

He did not have special talks with his father. Dad himself is a man of few words, Master Kakao is of an indifferent nature.

Master Kaka seemed calm in nature from the outside but there was a great uneasiness inside him. When I was in school, he was very interested in astrology. His mental instability has also had a direct effect on his work. He used to walk on clogs late at night. How many times I woke up after hearing the knocking sound, how many times I grabbed my mother while she was lying down. Mother said, what is fear baby, what is fear? He is your master uncle.

Baba Tari. He used to call in a serious voice, O Master, Master, Sharif Mia, and Sharif Mia.

The sound of the clatter would stop. What did Master Kaka say?

The boy is scared, what are you doing so late at night?

They were watching. They have never been so high before. See?

Crazy! Go to sleep.

Let's go.

Master Kaka used to knock on his clogs and leave.

All our studies have been handed over to him. I am his first student, then Montu. Rabia did not study because she did not have a mind to study. Runu now falls to him. He has no relatives at home. Even if you are not encouraged to go. Spend leisure time reading astrology books. Astrology is perhaps best understood as a master of arithmetic. Sometimes I read books from him. I may not believe. But I like to read. I know I was born in Pisces. Pisces people are philosophical and lucky. Their life is a life of wonderful experiences. Lots of happiness, wealth, splendor. It takes a lot to think. Uncle looked at the sky and said, I do not see that bear? The small star to his right is Ketu. Big deadly planet. Ketu phase was going on at my birth!

I don't know, maybe I have to live a lonely life for the rest of my life if I have Ketu stage at birth. The planets of destiny have to be tested by looking at the sky with sleepless eyes in the middle of the night. I like my uncle. I respect his intense curiosity. He bought a book of astrology with a small salary. Read about foreign countries. Occasionally go to unfamiliar places. Where there is a broken temple lying in a forest, where the ruins of a gate built during the reign of King Babar. It is unimaginable that the boundaries and enthusiasm of a little schoolmaster's study can be so versatile. He is not as sociable as a human being. Trying to hide yourself is an exaggeration. I have never seen him talk to his mother. He was sitting at home empty-handed, without even noticing.

At school, my uncle taught us history and arithmetic. I didn't like history at all. I had a great deal of sympathy for King Humayun by saying his name was Humayun! But in our history book, it is written about his defeat with Sher Shah. Sher Shah is again a man who has built Grand Tank Road, introduced Dak on horseback. But even so, a young boy from Class Seten could not win his heart. Writing his biography in the examination book made me feel very bad. From then on, I became obsessed with all the history. Uncle knew that. One day he said to me, baby, I will tell you about your favorite king Humayun, come home in the afternoon.

I remember that day very well. Uncle is half asleep in his bed, I am sitting next to him, Runu and Montu are sitting in that room playing ludu. Uncle goes on to say, who wrote a short book about Humayun - Humayun Nama. In the book, he calls Humayun the helpless king of misfortune. But I don't want to be a world-conquering Caesar or a great warrior Napoleon if I can be such an unfortunate king. At the call of the Queen of Chittor to stop the war and march towards Chittor, the foundation is a wonderful expression of gratitude behind Boson on the throne. What an attraction to music, books and religion! I listened in amazement. When Humayun heard the call to prayer and hurried down from the library to join in the prayers, he slipped and fell down and died. Uncle said, big hearted king, true poet heart is his. I felt like I was that king. And the credit for making me a king belongs to Kakar alone.

Today is Ashwin's midnight, uncle is sitting on the cold floor. A little winter wind is blowing. Jochana has faded. Now maybe the moon will set and it will be dark all around. I remembered that old saying. I called, uncle, uncle.


It's been a long night, go to sleep.

Let's go.

Uncle walked slowly. I came and lay down. Rabea yelled in her sleep, Ammi ammi.

I remembered Rabia was lost one day. Chaitra month. Very hot. I heard from college that Rabeya is not there. His place of departure is limited. He visited a few houses. Comes before lunch; A little sleep after eating. Then fall out again. That evening evening came, Rabea did not come. My mother almost cried. Montu has been searching since noon. Dad is stunned. The loss of an unnaturally beautiful young girl is painful for many reasons. I could not think what to do. Can he be found again? Runu is lying quietly on his bed. His expression of regret is very silent. Runu's small body lying randomly is a symbol of helplessness. Seeing me, Runu sat up. Said, what will happen grandfather?

Ink has fallen in the corner of his eye in twenty-four hours. I said, Runu can be found, what is the fear?

But he does not know the address. If anyone finds him, can he say anything?

He can't say anything. In his big eyes he might look helpless. Just like the little squirrel lost at the fair will say, I'll go home. I'm going home. He does not know where his house is.

Runu said again, grandfather, if he falls into the hands of a bad guy?

Runu has learned to understand. The mental preparation of girls starts even before boys. They can see the filth of the world even with their young eyes. They are the big victims of that filth. So nature sends them the news of darkness long ago.

Rabea returned at eight o'clock at night. With master uncle. The anxiety sitting on the chest was gone in an instant. Master Kaka said, "I found him near the school, I didn't know he was lost." I was not encouraged to listen to this. Enough of this found. Standing near the school, he was crying. Seeing Master Kaka, he ran across the road. Barely now we have no enthusiasm. Dad fasted for two days in a row.

Baby, and baby.


Light the lamp.


Got my bathroom.

Barea came out from inside the mosquito net. I said, don't light the lamp. Come on, there's light on the porch.

No, fire.

Finding Desalai, I burned Hurricane. As soon as I opened the door, my mother said, who? Towards the end of the night, my mother's sleep became thin.

We will go to the bathroom, mother, Rabia.

Rabeya came to the verandah and raised her voice. He said with a big sigh, what is the smell of flowers in your mind, no?

Hmmm. Do you like the smell of flowers, Rabeya?

No, no.

Going to the bathroom, he said, when will Pala come, baby?

He seems to have a connection with Paul. Sometimes he wants to know about Paul. Who knows what the grief of the dog was.

Not a drop of sleep tonight. After two months of exams, if you don't sleep for one night, you don't study for two days in a row. I understand that the mosquito has entered a gap. A few. Just humming. Near the ear. This will continue until the soft flesh of the ears or mouth is inhaled and the blood is not eaten. I don't want to chase away mosquitoes with a fan. I desperately wanted to get rid of all my thoughts to sleep on the pillow.

Suddenly a lot of light came into the room. The one hundred watt tiger on the verandah of Shilu has lit up. Someone. Who could it be? Not Shilu's father. Nahar bhabi? It could be Shilu or his Mao. Shilu's mother is a wonderful woman. Once came to our house.

Shilu's mother, who used to sit on the lane in the evening and have tea with Shilu's father laughing and laughing, often playing badminton in the afternoon as a partner of Harun Bhai, who has a dark green sari, which seems to be less than ten years old, came to us one day. At home. That day was Friday. Runu's school was closed, Dad was in the office. Shilu's mother was wearing a light blue sari with red embroidery. She looked like a college girl-professor in golden framed glasses. My mother was busy, wondering how to take care of her. No. And Shilu's mother? He sat like an idol for a long time and said a strange thing. We looked at him in amazement. He paused and insisted with every word, Aaron's head went numb. Your daughter wants to marry Rabia.

We all remained silent. He kept saying, don't send your daughter there. How he forgot the boy's mind! A girl with no head. Shit! Mother went to the chicken in shame.

Rabia was beaten for no reason that day. Hearing all this, my father's mood went up. Why would he go like a hanger? Angry father's head is not right. He killed a half-crazy girl like a madman. Rabia was just saying, I won't do it anymore. Why are you beating? I said I will not do it again.

He certainly did not understand why he was dying. He was looking at us again and again. Mother was crying silently. Surprisingly, Brother Aaron came to our house for the first time after hearing the cries. Standing on the porch, he shuddered a little. His eyes are red. He paused and said, why are you beating him?

Dad looked at Aaron's brother. I was also very upset. Suddenly his coming here seemed like a joke to us. Rabia said, don't look, it's just hitting me.

I saw the shadow of deep pain on the pale face of Aaron Brother. Still, I said in a hard voice, you go home. Why are you coming

Shilu and her mother were standing in a crowd at the window of Shilu's house.

Rabea was locked with a key for a few days. He didn't need to, Harun Bhai's marriage was with Nahar Bhabhi. His cousin, B. in Home Economics. A. Read. Aaron's brother moved to Germany to pursue a degree in chemical engineering. Everything was fine before.

Nahar Bhabhi knew everything. Within seven days of the wedding, he came to our house in Peru and talked to everyone. He took Rabeya to their house. Rabia returned home smiling with a yellow packet in her hand.

Mother, look what a beautiful sari that girl gave me.


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