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To be Healthy (even when you are sick)

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2 months ago

Life is a journey. A constant coming and going of experiences and adventures. Each step is a challenge, a conquest. And we must prepare ourselves to receive the rewards that life gives us by being in the best possible condition.

Everything we achieve in our lives, everything we are going to do, we can only enjoy if we are healthy.

But I have iron health, and I never get sick.

I on the other hand have very little health, I move from one illness to another.

You are wrong.

To be healthy goes beyond the physical body. It is a state of joy, hope, of good vibes.

Being healthy does not necessarily mean not suffering from any disease. We can have the health of a bull but not feel healthy. In the same way, suffering from any ailment and feeling the exuberance and passion of life.

We can train ourselves to be healthy every day, even though we may not feel so well physically.

We are healthy when we are thinking positive thoughts, even if reality is crap. No matter the situation, you can always squeeze the good side out of it, the benefit.

We are healthy when we communicate openly. More than 90% of discussions are due to a lack of communication. It is not for nothing that it is called "misunderstanding".

We are healthy when we understand that everything has its moment, that complaining does not bring any value and that action is the mother of management.

We are healthy when we recover fantasy and laughter. When we play every day, even with the most serious things.

We are healthy when we "do good and don't look at whom". Even in the most scarce conditions, we will always have enough love to give, and, the more we give...

We are healthy when we commit ourselves to living in peace. Not in immobility or laziness, but in the intensity and joy of doing.

We are healthy when life ceases to be a struggle and becomes...

What do you want your life to become?

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Written by   10
2 months ago
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Despite the difficulties, my life is always a beautiful adventure.

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2 months ago

For sure. It's up to us to live it or suffer it.

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2 months ago