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I Converted ETH TO SGD Today

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2 months ago

I will like to record my milestone for today. So I have set up an account with Hodlnaut, a Singapore-based crypto-lending platform for quite some time. The disadvantage of Hodlnaut is that it charges a withdrawal fee whenever someone wishes to withdraw some crypto. But no matter, I stuck to it because the interest rates it offers are also higher than the market rate. Anyway, I had some spare time today. Upon seeing that my Ethereum was higher than the minimum required for withdrawal, I decided to try withdrawing it for the first time ever.

So I withdrew 0.08 ETH from Hodlnaut. With the withdrawal fee being 0.036 ETH, I had 0.0044 ETH left. This was successfully transferred to my Gemini account.

When the 0.0044 ETH arrived at my Gemini account, I first traded it for SGD because that's where I come from. I had to pay $2 for a transaction fee but it's okay because I see this payment as buying a lifelong lesson in the art of crypto-fiat conversion. So I managed to obtain SGD$13.89.

Subsequently, I withdrew this $13.89 to my old-school saving accounts. Success! I was so proud of myself for being able to navigate all these steps.

Technology is amazing! Because I accomplished all these steps within less than an hour. My toddler son was still having his afternoon nap when I initiated my fiat withdrawal from Gemini.

To more crypto adventures tomorrow!

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