Journey from the states of love to the waters of the ego

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6 months ago
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How beautiful everything would be if we could just hang in that magical world of love, of love, nothing in the world would matter, our ambitions, our pain that rages to produce, our races, our comparisons, our goals would poof like rain clouds scattering in an instant.

We surrender our loves to the cold shower of our ego, which we cannot train, which we cannot fully harness, which we do not know.

Our addiction to its addictive state, which detaches us from the world, destroys our ego and causes us to shimmer; our feeling of deprivation for its continuity becomes the cold water with which our ego softly licks our toes. And gradually, our reactions to deprivation leave our whole body under that cold water, we freeze. We realize our body and our solitude, we experience the feeling of loss, the feeling of death. Because we are dying. Our fall from love to ego becomes a death, the death of God in us.

Slowly dying...

And our body, numb from the cold water, our wrinkled hands begin to speak.

He says he was never yours anyway, he was a dream...

I am the real one, my cold, freezing embrace that leaves you so small is the real one. After a while you will warm up, my cold will start to burn you, leaving you in the center of a flameless fire!

Slowly we fall for those cold whispers, yes, it was a dream, an illusion... Slowly we fall asleep in the cold whispers and the fire, we forget, we sleep and we die. We die in the ego, we die in the ego. We surrender our magical world to the cold voice of our ego, just because we don't know how to live, just because we think love alone will save us, just because we can't let go of the love, the intensity there.

What if he leaves?

What will happen in the end?

Will it go on like this?

Did he deceive me? Was it real?

Does he love others?

We fall from heaven because we don't obey our own experience, our own feeling, and we try to pull the feeling with our minds to somewhere, to our needs, to our gaps, because we cannot stay pure in the pure. Remaining pure in the pure will be where we understand and realize love, life, the moment. Where ego, thought, manipulation cannot reach.

The realm of the gods, the realm of love and the pure.

Love is the door to the state that opens its doors only when we are as we are in what is. It is only possible when we allow ourselves to be as we are and stay in that which is as we are there.

The magic door of spontaneity, which we cannot attain through effort, which has nothing to do with good and evil, which is independent of any system, which is unique and spontaneous...

Surrender to love, the end of the needs of clinging, is the opening curtain of the world of freedom.

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6 months ago
Topics: Journey, Ego, Love, Blog, Story, ...


All I can say is that, at the end of the day, "Love conquers all!"😊

Nice meeting you.

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6 months ago

Thank you for the wonderful words

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