On The Table of Success And The Formula

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This is the table of what we call success from the beginning of each morning till the time of your sleep .

Sucess may require time . Don't Judge yourself why you aren't sucessful ? Don't compare yourself with others more successful than you.

Those , who do it , may take them years of their life. Don't be fooled by those who made 15000£ per month . The reason because this is what I call the professional level. and you cannot compete him even with 10% of what he does. If you wonder why . I tell you simply . You can't compete an early bitcoin holder as Roger Ver or any . No area to compare from one buy 1 Btc for 1 cent and one who for 30000$. You see ? What you will now , he does it before you.

So even you work more than him now . You cannot compete him. From this point , I want you tobe realistic and make a clear plan to reach your success without falling in the trap of comparing yourself to others.

If you ask me , How would I start to be in the table of sucess ? Start from today and do your own search before investing in any domain .

Success is a blessing for you and others. It gives that feeling to your parents. Also , success is something holy and rare . It is as praying in rare people minds. There are only 2% of the globe who made real success in life in its real meaning. I don't mean financial success or a term commonly know as financial freedom.

The Success Formula

Having a good health and the skill of how to use your time : These are two fundamentals basics to reach success at high level and whatever your social status is .The happy mindset is in a healthy body as Arab said .

But unfortunately , people misuse this both blessings and that what makes them feel as losers.

Even rich people have done the same mistakes. For example , Steve Jobes , that genius entrepreneur that launched Apple company with partner ship , was having a dark side.

His point of views was launching more stocks , projects , investemenst = Happiness for Steve

This what steve use his time in . He discovered that he was wrong not in the middle age but when he was near to death.

The summary I get from Steve Jobs story : Don't spend your life holding money , buy stocks and creating on investments or your will end your life with depression, diseases and suffer.

The most expensive bed is the hospital one. Millionaires know that they cannot buy with their overall wealth the health .

They can not hire a healthy man to take their diseases from them to enjoy happier life.

In short , your body has right to sleep , entertain and feel the joy . Take a rest from materialistic goals and focus more what other things you can spend your time in and you become more healthy.

Remember the Formula :)

More Health + The skill of use time = Success at different levels .


Before you ask the question on how I become more successful in this life ? There are different nations around the world . Unfortunately , only 2 % know well the real meaning of success.

They are aware on how to keep their health safe and in other side they don't forget that they have a portion of wealth that they need to get it in a smart way.

They perform the right research and study smartly their field of interest. I try to be like them every day . I work for 90 minutes daily then I do some healthy activities for the rest of the day .

As some of them said , don't work for money but let it serve you. I gonna tell you better than This .

A 40 year old woman told me , Don't run behind money or your life will be destroyed as many people were richer than you.

Are you gonna be like them in the future this what I do not know till this moment:)

Thanks for Reading :)

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