Apology and Why I Choose The Road of Marc de Mesel and bitcoin cash

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2 years ago

Mr Marc de Mesel , happy valentine. Sorry if I said something wrong or made you speechless in some of my posts about you . Because you are my example to be followed to become a little investor may be . Truly " I am Sorry".

But also I want to clarify why . The reason is simply I have no choice. You are the only person that I can get inspiration from to learn about bitcoin cash. I don't like to do some fancy things I just love to do. I want to choose the right road.

Sir Here My Story

As any human being , I get some education until I graduated from university in 2013. But I got no job ans stay broke for more than 6 years.

I asked myself" what should I do with my life ? '' Some people advised me to continue my study but I refused. Univesity then what Phd then what ? what should I do ?

Education scientists had saying if you go through 20 years of formal education and then ended with getting a PHd degree . The result is that 70 % of my intelligence will be completely destoryed.

That means that , the knowledge I get , will not be useful and I willl not look smarter anymore. That's why I stop education and refused to continue master and Phd studies.

After that , I found a job in a small company . The boss said fastly ": your wage is 100 euro per month . and if you agree welcome and if you disagree wish you the best of luck. " What a beautiful day I say in the first day I started the job.

Then after 6 months , doing the same thing . That really takes my life. The job start looking as hell for me . Added to that , even if I spend years , I cannot establish a happy life as marrying the woman of my dream , making my father happy or building a house.I left the job and said I prefer to stay broke than I do something that I hate and I regret later.

The conclusion is that I cannot be neither an academic nor an employer in a company.

The Road of Marc de Mesel and Bitcoin Cash : Why ?

I discovered bitcoin cash in a forum post about readcash. When I sit quietly and think a little , I decided that this is the right road to become an investor. When most youth in my country think what to do in their lives. I find the answer to that question . What to do is the road of Marc de Mesel and bitcoin cash.

I stayed for a few weeks not influenced by anybody. I said if do even 2% of what Mr Marc de Mesel do . I will achieve my dream . Because if I do that for 20 years and I look back , it will be still worthwhile.

An old men told me if I am 30 years old , I will meet that investor in his home country and learn something . Now I am 30 years and I am lucky I find you .

And I now I follow the road of marc de mesel and bitcoin cash . This is my future and this is my choice without based the journey of my life on immediate compulsion. I want to be a bitcoin cash investor.

Love to Marc de mesel and all bitcoin cash community.

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I learned a lot from this Article. Thank you so much❤❤

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