The Story Of Monk And His Temple

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Hi Everyone! Today's motivational story is about "The Monk And His Temple"

once upon a time...

There was a young monk who was distressed with his life. Having just turned 25 he had been disappointed

how his life had been pawning out so far and he was in desperate need of advice or mentorship. He had become a monk to seek enlightenment, but the more he was looking for it the more it seemed to get away from him. You know that feeling when you feel so caught between yesterday and tomorrow that you cannot live today? That was what he was feeling constantly.

An older monk at his monastery told him about a wise zen master who lived on the top of a mountain and encouraged him to go and send him a visit and so the young monk traveled to this large temple on the mountain to speak to this zen master. Once he arrived, the master asked him: "What do you seek?" "Enlightenment", replied the young monk. "You have your own temple, why do you visit mine?" Said the master. The young monk was confused, "where is my temple, master?"

"What you are asking is your temple," said the master after a moment the monk smiled. He returned home and told all of his friends from that day forward: "visit your own temple".

you see in life in your life! We so often seek outside answers for questions, that can be resolved simply by slowing down and looking within ourselves. This is what awakening is all about opening our eyes, observing the details of the present moment, and realizing that life is a beautiful journey and we are headed in the right direction, whether we choose to realize that or not.

This is there today's motivation stories thank you so much for reading this article and stay blessed

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