The Plot Twist: Us (Part 2)

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Part 1:

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Few days had passed, we communicate more often like before sharing things and he frequently sent me voice messages of him singing as well. And most of all, he became sweeter to me each day but it I did not let myself be affected by it, I instead treated it as some kind of joke of whatever sugar-coated words he had cooked for me that I merely pulled sarcasms as my defense, cause even though he is a good friend of mine, I know— even if he had not told me, he had lots of girls and I did not want to be one of them.

Until time came, the communication was slowly fading. And I just saw his shared post on my news feed tagging a codename of a girl and called her his crush. Yes, I'm a bit hurt. Little did I know, I admittingly once liked those sugar-coated words that he fed me but in my mind I know it's not right to feel and I had to get rid of that feeling. And so I did, good thing that I became busy since my position as an admin elevated as a war judge of the arena they were in (yes there is some sort of those things on this platform but of course just virtually, wars there are debates, trashtalks, poem wars and many more).

I moved on so quickly because of that, plus we are no longer chatting. At the same time, someone had also kept on pestering me to be his girlfriend, he's also a gang leader like him. I really don't like this another guy but he was so persistent that he told me he will kill his self if I would not say "yes" to him. I know you can call me stupid, but I agreed to have a relationship cause, what if he would really do that right? And in fact, he did not love me I know he would give up. Besides, I was just curious on how to be in a relationship actually, it's just virtual though so there can be no problem.

By that means, I finally got a boyfriend— I'm still not certain about his real gender but he was portraying as a guy and our relationship created some issue because some people claimed that he was flirting with a gang leader as well, but still I treated him nicely despite of that, in fact he was not committed to that girl though. Many days came by, he's actually sweet and talkative like he's telling me his whole life already.

I seem comfortable with him a bit, but my trust issue got molded when he asked my real facebook account and then I gave it to him, but when I asked for his he never dared to give it to me. I also found out on his account that he cheated on me but I still accepted him and I forgot already the reason why I did that. Nonetheless, I finally gave up because I don't want to prolong my agony, I had already been attached to him and yet he's just Iike fooling around.

Breaking up with him is not that really painful actually, cause I'm not that deeply, insanely and madly in love with him. So back to the first guy, we had still been interacting though during those times that I am with my ex, because of my responsibility and his as a leader. But after those happening with the former guy he kinda asked if how I was, and so I opened up to him. But that's just it afterwards, we are still friends though.

I still thank God for giving my ex as a distraction, yeah I know I'm quite cruel in that part. My life goes on still on that world, and I felt so peaceful for a while going back to my single days most specially that my phone had been broke and it can't be used anymore. I'm just borrowing my brother's phone that time to fulfill my duties and I could rarely talk to someone. Nothwithstanding, we had just began to the main part of this voyage. It's when I bought my own phone.

My friend let me accompany her to organize some kind of group in which the goal is to hone the skill of those talented people out there and I agreed because I can be there anytime and anywhere since I already have my new phone. And guess what? The friend was also an officer and so we talked again. We talked lots of things again like before, and my assumption was right, I heard that he and his girlfriend had broken up already. And he opened it up to me.

To be continued..

Disclaimer: Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. I find nothing wrong with this disclaimer, except that it won't work in many instances.


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It is good that you have made a friend but strange you do not know nothing about him strange story is getting curious more and more.... yeah pilot 🤣

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Wow grape

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