Understanding Ignorance

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I want to tell you in advance that what I write today is not an article, I am also not sure what type of writing this is, maybe this is a poem, maybe this is a verse, or maybe this is a rhyme. It's up to you what you want to think about it, what is clear, this is not an article. haha

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I don't understand how to get started. The cold night seemed to whisper about your unravelling name. Silence always produces a sound that hides in silence. Let the breeze continue to crush your shadow in your forehead.

I don't understand how this story started. All you can imagine is your face from above calling out to wave. I can't hold back the ripples of longing in my noisy heart. Should it be placed on hope in a new seed of a branch?

I don't understand how the reality of a fistfight with something that is not finished. All only make this body die in the quiet of the graceful night. It's been a long time since the inner voice was not scattered, forced to come out slammed. Are these all urgent complaints?

Hey people who have fallen into seriousness, look at the world without peace. All of you consider your opponent so easy to hurt. Owh, mortal beings, didn't God create the destiny of human diversity with pleasure? Then why don't you get tired of beating the drums of war?

Hey people who continue to deceive and be deceived in the mortal world without being limp. The lack of awareness of the devil's lust made him drift away. Owh, the mortal who claims to be the most perfect arrogantly. Indeed, you are at a loss because you unknowingly fall into a daze.

I understand very well that humans will get whatever they sow. The beauty of coexistence throws a relaxed smile. I don't understand why they don't understand the foulness of attacking each other. Don't they even create calamities that bring us to the abyss?

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