Traditional musical instruments originating from Indonesia

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Hello everyone, how are you guys? Hope you stay healthy always. It's been a long time since I wrote a post on this platform because I'm busy at work. So, while I have the opportunity to write, I will write about musical instruments.

I'm sure friends here like to listen to music, whether waiting for someone, relaxing on the sofa, enjoying coffee, defecating, even before going to bed. Listening to music can improve your mood for the better. An article by an author named @Luna1999 once explained that music can improve mental health.

I agree with this explanation. In stressful situations, listening to music can relieve stress a little. But in today's post, I want to introduce some traditional musical instruments from my country.

Because in general, musical instruments that everyone knows are guitar, drums, piano, bass, trumpet, etc. So I will introduce a musical instrument that you may not know about. Ok, here are five traditional musical instruments from my country.

  1. Karinding

    This is my favourite musical instrument, made from bamboo fronds, sometimes made from palm fronds. This traditional musical instrument comes from the West Java area and is still preserved by the Sundanese. How to play it is not too difficult, just place it on your lips, then pat it with your fingers on the bat, so that Karinding can produce a resonant sound.

  2. Angklung

    This musical instrument is made of several bamboo tubes that produce double notes. The angklung musical instrument also comes from West Java and is preserved by the Sundanese. I don't know for sure the origin of this musical instrument, because in the area of Central Java and Yogyakarta it is also preserved by several artists. But for sure, the voice of Angklung is very melodious to listen to.

  3. Gamelan

    This is a percussion type musical instrument, made of brass metal. How to play it by hitting the top using a gamelan bat such as a hammer. I don't know the name of the bat, but it's shaped like a hammer. This musical instrument is very diverse, I don't know the name of the type of gamelan, but I know the shape.

  4. Sasando

    This is a traditional musical instrument from the East Nusa Tenggara region. The shape is unique and cool. I've never played it, but I've seen someone play this instrument. The Sasando musical instrument is made of a bamboo tube placed in the middle, and a support made of palm leaves. How to play it is plucked like a harp or guitar, because it has strings.

  5. Garantung

    This musical instrument is similar to a xylophone made of wood. I don't know what tree this instrument is made from, but the tones produced by the Garantung musical instrument are very melodious to listen to. This musical instrument comes from North Sumatra and is played by hitting it with a wooden stick.

Those were five traditional musical instruments from my country, Indonesia. There are still a lot of traditional musical instruments from Indonesia that I don't know about because Indonesia has many cultures so it's very difficult to know all of them. Every region and every tribe has a cool musical instrument that must be preserved. Hopefully, today's article is useful. Thank you.

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I like traditional music that uses musical instruments such as bamboo or natural materials. I've heard musical groups playing karinding, cilempung, etc. Their musical instruments are all made of bamboo. The sound produced is very melodious and soothing.

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1 year ago

Traditional musical instruments do have a distinctive sound and are pleasant to listen to.

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1 year ago

Keep it up

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