The Conflict Must be Stopped!

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2 years ago

Which of you has never dealt with conflict? why can't we separate ourselves from conflict?

conflicts of various types, could it be conflicts that occur in the family, conflicts with friends, or maybe conflicts that occur while we are working in a company?

It's my experience in living everyday life. Conflict always occurs anywhere, anytime, and by anyone. The origin of conflict stems from the inconsistency between one person's thoughts and another.

When this real difference is blown up by us to others. There will be friction that is not by what we want and expect.

For this reason, each individual must be responsive so that the conflicts that occur do not escalate, cause bad tendencies, and of course, do not cause damaging effects to the relationship between us and others.

How do you resolve this conflict?

In my opinion, 3 important things must be had so that we can manage this conflict.

The first is to speak according to the portion.

We cannot deny that the conflict arises from speaking out of proportion. We may always want to talk on and on about something we believe to be true. Everything we talk about must be accepted and agreed upon by all parties. We tend to talk beyond the capacity that should be. We may always want to dominate the conversation. Many things make us want to be like that. It may be that you want to appear smarter than the others, appear more capable of providing solutions, or you may want to appear that you are the most suitable to talk.

Aren't there other people we need to allow talking to? Never assume that you are always the best when speaking. If this continues, get ready to deal with conflicts. Speak according to the portion and capacity, provide opportunities for other people to talk. They also have mouths to speak to, not just you !.

The second is to listen more.

We have one mouth and two ears. Therefore listen a lot rather than talk and feel the most understanding of all things. Being a good listener can reduce conflicts between one another.

Why is that? because listening to other people, means giving openness great respect and respect to the person who is speaking. Listen carefully to everyone who is talking to you, the speakers are always happy when what they are talking about is heard.

Our job is to listen first when you get the right moment to talk, feel free to talk. But remember, after talking keep listening back.

The third is always result-oriented that can be used together.

When that difference occurs, it means that there are inequalities in thoughts, desires, hopes, and actions that must be taken. Everyone has different thoughts, wants what they hope to be realized as desired.

For this, try to learn and instil in yourself that all these things are for common purposes. Not for your own sake. Conflict is easy to occur because each individual is not oriented towards mutual interests until finally, individualistic egoism is more prominent.

Learn from now to be able to provide solutions that lead to interests and outcomes together. Throw away all things that our desires and wishes for yourself only. Remember, providing solutions for common interests is much more effective and can provide benefits for many parties. think about it well!

From now on, speak according to your portion and capacity, listen to other people, and provide solutions that are oriented to mutual interests. Hopefully, the conflict can be resolved properly.

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