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On this occasion, I am interested in writing again about education and science. I realize that education especially science is the most important thing in this world. Every human being has the right to describe what the world is according to his version, not a few people think that this world is beautiful, short, full of suffering, boring, and so on. I agree more with the opinion that the world is beautiful, but to enjoy the details of the beauty of the world, it is necessary to have knowledge that makes oneself amazed by the beauty itself.

One of the greatest scientists in human history, Albert Einstein said: "I am not trying to imagine a personal God, it is enough to stand awestruck amid the fabric of the world, so long as it allows our imperfect senses to perceive it." Every religious person would agree that God is Most Beautiful, but of course, no human being can describe the beauty of God. Therefore, Albert Einstein described his spirituality as feeling fascinated or fascinated by the structure of this beautiful world. Yes, Albert Einstein was fascinated by the beauty of the world after he explored the world with science, especially quantum physics, which became his speciality.

Science is the best tool to enjoy the beauty of nature, but unfortunately today not a few people are aware of this amazing tool. When asked what is the most effective tool to enjoy the beauty of nature, the majority of people will answer "MONEY". Is money able to give humans a feeling of fascination with the beauty of the world? Not. Money makes humans sink into their lusts that uproot the human side that is embedded in humans, although this cannot be denied that money helps humans to enjoy a little of the beauty of the world.

For example, can money make us mesmerized by the beauty of the stars in the sky? Not. Without science, humans can enjoy the beauty of the expanse of stars in the sky, but humans will be more fascinated by the beauty of the stars in the sky when they know the ingredients that make up stars, how the light of the stars can be seen by our senses of sight even though the distance can reach millions of light-years! That's just one of many examples, there are many more examples that make the world awe of such as why the cheetah can run fast, why the eye can capture millions of colours, how the thousands of planets in the universe do not collide with each other, and so on. I am sure that when people know such knowledge, humans will be amazed by the beauty of the world.

The feeling of being fascinated by the beauty of nature like the example above may only be felt by people who are already infatuated with science. The problem that most people in this world face is their indifference to this extraordinary science. In my opinion, this happens because the education system does not make students fascinated by science. From an early age, humans are taught that studying at school is only as capital to earn money when they grow up. An education system like this mostly only runs a system that makes teachers feed lessons to students. Such a system will not impress students and provoke curiosity.

Science is an object whose beauty needs to be felt from within. For example, we are unable to explain the beauty of being on the top of a mountain to people who have never experienced it themselves because such beauty needs to be experienced and brought out from within. Likewise science, people who want to feel its beauty need to feel it for themselves and bring out that feeling of fascination from within, not just being fed doctrines that only dull common sense.

Science is the most decisive source in the civilization of every nation, there is no advanced nation without science! Therefore, to advance a nation, an education system is needed that makes people fascinated by science. Just like a teenager who is fascinated by another gender, when the teenager is fascinated, he will continue to look for things related to someone he likes. The teenager will try his best to be able to reach the person he likes. Yes, ideally humans do the same with science, because when he is fascinated by science then he will not be satisfied to fill his thirst for knowledge. After all, knowledge will never run out forever! Even during life, humans only get a little of the beauty of science.

The result of a person's lack of knowledge is ignorance and ignorance is the root for all calamities and heart diseases such as pride, envy, hypocrisy, selfishness and others, even poverty. Ignorance is the eternal enemy of humans that must be eradicated (but I am not sure that stupidity can be wiped off the face of the earth). Evil is the fruit of ignorance. Every religion teaches that evil is something that must be fought, therefore to eradicate evil on earth we must uproot it from its root, namely ignorance. Evil is like a parasitic fungus on the human brain, if not eradicated to the root it will thrive again.

Yes, to create a peaceful world without evil that tarnishes the human side we need to eradicate ignorance with science. Let's cultivate a sense of admiration for science, feel in love with science to eradicate every manifestation of ignorance that inevitably leads to a despicable act. Because only with a sense of admiration for science we can enjoy the beauty of science and erase ignorance from the face of this earth for a more beautiful, peaceful, harmonious world without disputes, discrimination, feudalism, and all the despicable things that are manifestations of ignorance.

The most essential thing in creating a peaceful world is love, yes love, and only love. Science is only a gateway to the throne of love that brings coolness and peace to every human heart. As the old saying goes, "you don't know, you don't love," science is an introduction to love. Without science, it is difficult to grow a sense of love, because love is not possible without an introduction. That's why science is so important. Once again, let us cultivate a sense of admiration for science so that feelings of love can arise in every human heart and create a world that is peaceful, harmonious, beautiful, without a shred of evil (perhaps this is just a utopia that will not materialize because life is a conflict between good and evil). crime).

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