Ritual Worship Groups and Amaliah Worship Groups

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I don't understand why thoughts keep spinning in my head, making the journey to dreamland difficult. In addition to masturbation, writing can also be a powerful solution so that sleepiness comes quickly.

The thought crossed for a moment about the heaven promised by religion. Who deserves to live in it? The mind accidentally collides with two categories of people. First, those who deify ritual worship. Second, those who deify amaliah worship. Of course, the two groups that collided were extreme on their respective sides.

The first group never once left the obligatory ritual worship, even the sunnah ritual worship was so much, but on the other hand, he did not care about other humans. While the second group so deified human relations, no one does not like it, but on the other hand, he never worships.

Of course, we all know very well that the best are those who combine ritual and amaliah worship. This time the group of saints was temporarily sidelined. Of the two groups above, which one would God prefer?

Not intending to suspect how God thinks, because to think that God thinks is the same as equating Himself with sinful humans. Just to hone the ability of imagination and critical power. This supposition suddenly crossed my mind when I saw people today who tend to be extreme at certain poles. Fewer of them are standing in the middle point.

Nightlife venues are getting busier, busier than in previous years. Likewise with places of worship. I am well aware that this assumption is very haphazard, abstract, and far from perfect. Because, many people have not undergone ritual worship, their morals are also bad. There are more people whose ritual worship is good, their morals are no less good.

Ritual worship is very dependent on religion because the rituals of each religion must be different. If God favoured the first group, then the logical consequence would be that there would be only one religion in heaven later. Then what about the fate of those who have not been touched by the teachings of this religion so that they have not practised the rituals? Where will they be? Heaven or Hell?

If the first group to enter Heaven, then it is clear how many rituals have been performed. The more and more solemn the ritual worship, the higher the level of Heaven that will be occupied later. The quantity of worship can indeed be counted, but the quality of worship cannot be counted. Some people worship for other reasons, not purely because of God. It seems that worship that is motivated by the will to go to Heaven and the fear of Hell is considered ritual worship that is "not purely because of God".

In contrast, amaliah worship does not depend on one particular religion. Because all religions call for the same message about amaliah worship. All religions encourage their adherents to have good morals to relate to fellow living things (including plants and animals). It's just that the etiquette taught by religion varies depending on the socio-cultural context in which the religion descends.

If the second group enters Heaven, the calculations are difficult for humans to predict. Because social behaviour is difficult to predict, sometimes some people help others because they are motivated by the motive of wanting to be seen by people. Although not a few of them are helping because they want to lighten the burden of others. The calculation is different for people who help because they hope for a reward from their Lord. Therefore, if the group of two will enter heaven then the calculations are difficult. It's even impossible for humans to find the right method.

In the end, real humans cannot predict who will enter heaven. Using neither the first group nor the second group calculations, humans were unable to find a method for calculating merits and sins. Because humans cannot know what is in a person's heart. Heaven and Hell are 100% God's prerogative.

People with common sense would agree that no human being can predict who will be the inhabitants of Heaven and Hell. But why do many people still easily label other people as infidels or experts in hell? Yet we do not know what is in their hearts so that they can do something that we consider sinful.

Sometimes we hate big sinners using the devil, which is forbidding them to repent and repent. We curse them as if there is no God's forgiveness for them anymore. We become so arrogant. Isn't pride a disease of the heart that can give birth to a big sin?

I am well aware that there should be no need to be busy thinking about Heaven and Hell because that is God's business and humans are not capable of interfering in His affairs. What should be done is to compete in goodness because that is what almost all religious bearers have called from since Zoroaster, Confucius, Buddha, Lao Tse to Jesus and Prophet Muhammad SAW whose people are spread all over the world until today

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As far as I know it is not heaven but heavens! The Bible mentions heavens and if it comes to esoteric believes it's heavens and even the Greek and Romans had heavens. The underworld was part of it... One of those heaves (or if you like read: atmospheres). Personally, I don't believe in a heaven or hell but that's me. Liked reading this.

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1 year ago

thank you for being willing to read. My view of heaven and hell is not like what is in religious scriptures. For me, what the scriptures explain is just a parable. the scriptures mention heaven in terms of bodily pleasures. it's too objective. heaven for me is not a place, but a state where there is no eternal sorrow and distress.

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