Refreshing the mind and brain at Mount Bromo

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When fatigue arises due to the very bad urban air, traffic jams are always encountered, as well as the hustle and bustle of the surrounding atmosphere. Appears in my mind to find a new atmosphere in a faraway place. Maybe I will choose the mountain to refresh my brain and mind.

I'm still confused, which mountain will I go to? In the end, the internet is my way of setting goals. I kept looking for information about good mountains to go to using the internet until I finally decided that Mount Bromo was my destination.

Mount Bromo is located quite far from where I live. You have to travel 3 days by bus because you have to pass through three provinces. Arriving at the bus terminal in the Probolinggo area, I had to take public transportation to go to the mountainous area as well as get lodging in the Bromo mountain area (I didn't set up a camping tent).

While waiting for public transportation to go to the inn, I met my friend who also wanted to go to Mount Bromo. Finally, my friend and I decided to go together and look for lodging there. While waiting for public transportation, a tourist from Poland approached the two of us, his name was Kamal. Eventually, we became friends with Kamal and the three of us chose to be in the same inn.

After arriving at the inn the three of us arranged all the equipment we brought. At that time, we arrived at the inn at 6 pm. The weather at Mount Bromo is very cold, I am not used to the weather at Mount Bromo, so the coldness pierced my bones. To relieve the cold, I went to look for alcoholic drinks at the tavern around the inn. I bought 2 bottles of whiskey, beer, and a pack of cigarettes. We also drank together in the inn while telling stories and joking.

We're talking while drunking whiskey

The morning arrived, at exactly 3 am we rushed to go up the incline to see the sunrise. My friend and I were picked up by a jeep to go to the incline of the Bromo mountains. We just went alone, because kamal got up earlier and left earlier than us. It turns out that Kamal is a diligent person who gets up early in the morning.

Damn, the jeep we were riding did not stop at the top of the incline, because there were already many other jeeps parked lined up along the road to the incline. We also had to walk to climb the incline, it took 30 minutes to reach our destination. After arriving at the destination, at 05.30 in the morning, there were already many people gathered waiting for the sunrise. Damn, this place was so crowded that we barely got a place. There are hundreds of people from various countries gathered here to see the beauty of the sunrise.

My phone camera is not good enough to take sunrise pictures

After seeing the sunrise, we went again to see the crater in the Bromo mountains. The journey to the crater must pass through the desert of the Bromo mountains. Even though it was a desert, the weather was very cold. Unlike the deserts of the Middle East, this is a mountainous desert with very cold weather. After walking 1 kilometre through the desert, we had to climb a ladder as high as 500 meters to get to Bromo crater. Very tired but satisfying. The view from the top of the crater is quite satisfying and made me smile in awe.

Horse shit on the sand
When I was above the crater of Mount Bromo

After being satisfied with the atmosphere of the Bromo mountains, we returned to the inn and waited until tomorrow morning to return to the city of Jakarta. Bromo Mountains are indeed very satisfying. I want to come back here someday.

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