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I've been having a busy day lately. Work-life and music are so time-consuming. The days are packed with a schedule of entering at eight in the morning and leaving at four in the afternoon. Yes, like office workers. I always enjoy alone time, that's why I always spend weekends alone.

I used to think that people over-celebrate the weekend, but after living as busy as an office worker, I feel like I understand why people overdo it when it comes to the weekend. It's fun to get away from the routine of life. Perhaps, in essence, humans have always wanted to be free.

I'm not too burdened with work and music groups, which have become my final assignment. I enjoy working as a social worker, plus I have fun group friends. But I'm not so happy, maybe this is what makes the energy quite drained. I feel like I'm not suited to work with a routine and schedule that feels like imprisoning freedom.

I work in social institutions taking care of abandoned people, people with mental problems, beggars, buskers and all kinds of people who violate regional regulations. Every day I see the problems of life that are reflected in the residents of social institutions. The problems of every human being are different, but in this place, I see how hard life is and the problems that are out there, especially street life.

Sad and sad, two words that I think are quite appropriate to describe how I feel about the condition of the residents of this social institution. It seems that their problems are so heavy that it creates hopelessness and emptiness within them. I want to erase their suffering, I want to erase all human suffering from the face of the earth. But, isn't that too utopian?

My head can't stop thinking about their problem, isn't there a solution to reduce their population? This is the crux of the question that keeps spinning in my head. Most of them claim to be religious, but they do things that are blasphemy against religion. Religion seems too far-fetched to be able to be absorbed properly by them. Understandably, their stomachs are always hungry so it is difficult to expect a reasonable attitude from them.

Seeing the condition of those who claim to be religious, it seems that religion has failed in nurturing people like them. Then, is there something wrong with religion? Not. There is a need for a new interpretation of religion that makes this religion grounded and can be easily digested by them. Most of today's religious interpretations bother to explain the afterlife. Doesn't religion also teach about ways of living in today's world? In my opinion, this is the main task of religionists today, to ground the teachings of religion so that its practical benefits are felt like the adherents of religion at the time when the religion first came down.

Not far from the core of their problems the majority are economic problems. Indeed, if the stomach problem is not met then the head becomes food. It is difficult to optimize the potential of the brain if the intestines wriggle asking for food. Economic problems are always difficult, the questions in my head are also difficult to find answers to because I do not know about economics at all.

For a moment I remember the theories of Marxism that talk about the capitalist economy and its inequality. Is it the capitalist system that makes the population of people like residents of social institutions endless? I don't know, I think I need to learn a lot about economics. It seems that solving this problem is a shared task, whoever we are.

Prosperity is everyone's hope. It would be hard to find people like them in a prosperous place or country. My country is not prosperous, although it has natural resources that are very possible for the prosperity of its people. But, won't prosperity also cause new problems? Overpopulation for example. This problem is no less complex than the problem of poverty and economic inequality.

Is this how God works? Who knows. But I believe God likes balance because behind misery there is always wisdom. Likewise, behind happiness, there is always a risk. That is why we must not abandon dialectics. Antithesis is needed so that thesis finds it's opposite and spawns a better synthesis than thesis and antithesis.

Dialectics is an intelligent way of processing natural laws that always have a thesis and an antithesis. The world will not stop, continues to provide challenges for its inhabitants to keep moving forward with the world. Therefore, being satisfied with the establishment of thinking is the same as raising a tiger cub named stagnation. This stagnation of thinking undermines human progress to keep up with the pace of the world.

Ah, thought why don't you want to stop for a moment? Sometimes I envy those who don't think much about environmental issues, they live their lives so lightly. But of course, I'm arrogant if I think so because God gives every human being a challenge according to his ability. Forgive me, God. I don't want to be arrogant in the slightest because I don't like those who are arrogant.

It's been so busy lately. Let alone writing time, just a lot of time to read is taken up. Reading is one of those routines that I feel necessary and I enjoy it. The confiscation of reading time is torturous, maybe this is the thing that makes fatigue willing to stop in the head. The weekend has finally become an outlet for reading, so lately I'm also happy for the weekend that I used to consider "nothing special".

Honestly, I'm starting to feel the fatigue that creeps in and hugs the mind due to the routine of work and music. I miss my alone time. I miss the silence of the mountains. The sound that hides in the silence, I miss. I want to take a moment to unwind by climbing a mountain full of peace. Yes, enjoying the beauty of the silence of the mountains after finishing work and making music is a top priority that must be done.

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