Entangled in environmental propaganda

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At this time, especially in adolescence, almost all individuals have been deprived of their freedom. Freedom from freedom to think, behave, even to dress. All this happened because of globalization and modernization. Adolescents in my country (Indonesia) have absorbed modernization without filtering, they absorb all cultures and consider modernization the same as westernization. Indonesia has lost its identity, all because modernization has paradoxically spread the notion to deify money. Money? Of course, everyone wants money at this point. By having money, everything can be owned. The law, which should not even recognize money, has now drawn a sharp sword called money. Money can make my country immune to the law.

How to earn money? People are lazy to work hard, afraid to take risks because they love their world too much, especially wealth. This minimal creativity eventually gave birth to an unproductive younger generation. Many of them play it safe to simply become employees of an institution that offers a large salary. Although currently, I am quite satisfied with the many young entrepreneurs born in this generation, I hope that the lower generations can become more innovative generations. The businesses created by the current generation are still lacking in creativity and are full of plagiarism.

These young entrepreneurs are only a small part of the total young generation today, the majority are still pursuing pleasure and are afraid to take risks and work hard because they love their wealth too much. So what is needed? Yep, achievement! As a result, schoolchildren become devoted to achieving high achievements whose last orientation is to earn money someday. By deifying values, school children do not care what methods they have to do to get high grades and achievements. Schools currently do not teach their students to be creative, they are only required to gain insight and high values.

Finally, students who excel have a greater chance of entering institutions that offer large salaries. Students who excel here are those who have broad insight and high scores. Why have broad insights if it is only stored in the abstraction of the head? What is the result? They are only good at rhetoric without the behaviour that shows that insight, the result? Corruptors everywhere. I am sure that corruptors have broad insights and good achievements. If not, of course, the high institution will not accept it.

I think there is something wrong with the education system in my country today, something must be overhauled. Moral education and the cultivation of national identity need to be done so as not to grow into a hedonist that is exemplified by western culture, people to follow westernization which is considered modernization. Of course, we cannot reject modernization whose orientation is in western society, but should westernization be followed? Not. An example of Japanese society, they are one of the leading modern nations in the world. Remarkably, they love their own culture and are not caught by westernization, maybe only a small part is caught by westernization.

The Indonesian nation has separated from its historical roots, only a few young people today still care about its historical roots. Inevitably, the historical roots of a nation are the strong glue of national identity that will strengthen the sense of brotherhood and pride in the values ​​left by history. Indonesia is like a large tree with high productivity that does not have strong roots so that it is easily swayed by the winds of globalization and becomes a victim of parasites. It is not surprising that this nation is only able to imitate the culture of other nations.

The first step of colonialism was to erase the historical roots of a nation that it wanted to control so that they would forget their identity so that it was easy to enter. For example, Muslims had tremendous glory around the 8th century to the 12th century, but when Europe succeeded in surpassing Muslims, it is said that the first thing Europe did to carry out colonialism was to suppress libraries that kept several historical records and kill. its scholars. After doing this, all that remains is the lay people who do not understand its history so that it is easy to be possessed. Even today, in Indonesia, which is predominantly Muslim, in public school textbooks, there are no brilliant scientists found in the heyday of Islam who made extraordinary contributions to science.

Likewise, when colonialism landed in the archipelago, they tried to forget historical roots so that they were easy to penetrate. The colonialists had great success with their strategy of uprooting the historical roots of a nation, even today whether because of the poor consciousness of the Indonesian people or out of ignorance, there are still traces of colonialism in the absence of awareness to restore the historical roots of their nation.

Educational institutions in Indonesia do not even care about the historical roots of this nation, history is taught but only as a formality, namely memorizing these historical events. Ideally, history lessons should not only memorize events that dull reason, but also take any values ​​contained in a historical event.

History is a social laboratory, because surely social events of any kind have occurred considering the age of our species or if we don't want the oldest writings that exist today are thousands of years old. Quoting the great thinker from Germany, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe "People who do not take lessons from three thousand years ago are people who do not use their minds".

Capitalist propaganda has tied this nation firmly, it is difficult to escape from this bond. The materialism campaigns continue to flare incessantly through all media. The books that are sold and even become best-sellers in bookstores are mostly self-development or motivational books which in my opinion only make us apathetic. These books teach us to change our mindset to be positive, it sounds pretty good, but these books encourage us to think positively for ourselves! They only teach us how to succeed, change ourselves for the better. Unconsciously we are hypnotized by these capitalist campaigns, if we are hypnotized we will become materialistic and apathetic human beings, not caring about others or at best just being useful people for the family.

We are born in this world, not for ourselves, as social beings, we should care about the social environment. Instead of the boring motivation book formula, I think if we want to be successful then we have to care about other people even though it might take a little longer than the motivation book suggests, but like a term "Trees that grow slowly and take a long time will produce. quality fruit ". Motivational books only describe how successful big people are, which I think is only one of the outermost elements to become successful people.

The motives of great people are to be useful to others, not just to be successful for themselves. The most influential person in the world to date, the Prophet Muhammad was a person who always thought of others (his people) as a result he became the most successful person of all time. The founders of one of the largest companies Google today, Larry Page and Sergey Brin were not initially IT experts. They are students majoring in history and archaeology and they realize that a lot of manuscripts and historical evidence is lost in time. Because of that, they created a search engine with the aim that no more history was lost or eliminated by the authorities and all mankind could enjoy and read all the events and events that occurred.

There are still many great people who have motives for prospering others such as Socrates, Plato, Aristoteles, Gallileo, Da Vinci, Karl Marx, Einstein, Soekarno, Gus Dur, and many more. As a result, they are much more successful than people who only think about themselves and their names will always smell good. Motivational books never tell about things like this because they do propaganda so that people tend to be materialistic, apathetic, and hedonistic so they don't care about their surroundings. When humans don't care about their surroundings, it will be very easy to construct their thoughts.

Even book readers who are seen as intellectuals have been attacked, especially with people who don't use their intellect at all? They will be very susceptible to attack through much lighter media such as advertisements, soap operas, films, songs, and many more. It is a cause for concern, a nation that has very little interest in reading. The majority of his book readers are reading motivational books and the like so it's no wonder it's a bit difficult to find quality books in popular bookstores.

In this article, I try to untangle the environmental propaganda that has attacked my nation unconsciously. No matter what religion, we are the Indonesian nation. Our idealism that will build this nation into a great nation, the idealism of the young generation who are passionate about raising this nation. Be proud as the people of Indonesia, we are a great nation that lacks manpower. The orientation of this nation has been damaged. Let's straighten out the orientation of this nation like what the previous hero aspired to be, who had his body eaten by worms.

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