Don't Forget History

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Indonesia's first president, Soekarno, once said in his speech "Never Forget History". The saying is already widely known by most Indonesians. But only a few know when Soekarno said that. It was a saying that never died until now. Some friends on Facebook also often use the quote to make a post. That is a quote from Soekarno during a speech in 1966, Soekarno's last speech when he became president in Indonesia because, in 1967, Soekarno's power was replaced by Suharto, the second president of Indonesia.

We all might agree that the most valuable thing that humans have is memory because, without memory, cognitive processes do not work properly. The point is, before we decide in the mind, the information recorded in the brain's memory is needed. If humans had no memories, just imagine what would happen next. We have seen these things in fiction films where a person loses his memory, he does not know who he is so that his life will be driven by the closest person. This is the reason that memory is so important. Human memory is as important as life, the human body needs the soul to continue to live, the human brain also needs memory to keep thinking.

If memory is very important for humans, then history is also important for a nation, because the spirit of civilization is history. Try to imagine if a nation forgets the history of its nation. Just like humans who lose their memories, that nation will be driven and guided by other nations. As a result, a nation that has forgotten history no longer has a national identity. This does not only apply to a nation, but this applies to anything, including religion. The adherents of religion will be lost if the adherents of religion do not know the history of their religion.

By studying history, we will be able to solve a problem from previous events that have ever existed. Maybe that's why Karl Marx said that "History always repeats itself". It's a shame to see young people today who don't like history, because there are many benefits from studying history. Many say that "History is written by the victors", even so, we still have to study history. Remember the message of the Indonesian president, Soekarno, during his last speech "Never forget history".

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That's right sir, Studying history is very important for our lives. Your article is very good

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