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The Window in Gloxinia (oil painting)

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5 months ago
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Hi my friends!

Thinking about drawing spring flowers, I saw an interesting photo on the Internet - a window entwined with gloxinia flowers.

I decided that I like this story!

Oil paints here would be the most suitable material.

Today I used a new set from Germany

And two synthetic brushes of cause!

Instead of canvas, I use special paper for oil and acrylic.

I changed the shape of the window because I don't like the sharp corners that don't work well with the delicate clusters of flowers.

And outlined the line of plants

I start from the background.

This is a jagged old textured wall.

To write it, I mixed red vermilion, yellow ocher, whitewash.

I added viridan green here and there in some areas to get a neutral taupe color, reminiscent of a concrete surface.

The window, according to my plan, will be the same main element as the gloxinia branch.

Therefore, I take saturated colors for her - grassy green and cerulean blue.

In order to draw glass, I take ultramarine and a mixture of green and ocher - as if a reflection of the sky and greener.

With a mix of the same colors, I draw a falling shadow from the window on the wall.

In order to draw clusters of gloxinia, I make several mix of colors - vermilion red, ceruleum blue, ultramarine, crimson red and white.

Distant clusters will be colder tones, lilac, and those closer to the viewer will be lavender.

For a dark trunk, I take burnt umber and ultramarine.

At this step, I decided to work with the texture of the wall - I added more texture, detailed a fragment of brickwork, somewhere I smoothed out sharp color transitions more.

Made the lower part of the wall, near the flowers, darker

Small details remained - glare on the window, on the trunk of the plant and on the flowers

I make clusters of flowers more voluminous.

I form a more realistic green over them - using the same green and ocher (I add ultramarine in the shadows).

Here and there I make deeper drop shadows from the plant on the wall and shade the window from the flower greens.

Here is such a new picture with a spring mood I got today!

With Love...

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Written by   55
5 months ago
Topics: Art, Artist, Drawing, Painting, Creative, ...
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Wow my friend, this is the first time I see your painting with oil paint. What a beautiful color palette you have chosen for this painting. I fell in love with those flowers, that blue window, that brick texture on the wall, and those beautiful shades of green on the windowpane. it is so beautiful...

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5 months ago

Thanks, Ellen! You're always so generous with kind words!))

I drew with oil paintings last winter -

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5 months ago

Beautiful Art

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5 months ago

Thanks a lot!

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5 months ago

You are welcome

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5 months ago