Spring reflection (pastel pencils)

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1 year ago

Hi my friends!

I have one story that is the most suitable now, when spring is on the street

It's another my traditional art drawing tutoria publised on Golos.
This is reflected in a spring puddle that I found interesting for image.

In this case I chose for work a set of pastel pencils & pastel tone paper (sand color).

For this picture I used my own photo

I started my draw without sketch with applying base colors.
Two parts of scene were a earth & all the rest was water.
I decided to draw a puddle by dark blue color with some blue gray in lightest areas (it's assumed that a light of sun falled somewhere ahead, i.e. on top of the picture).
In the middle of scene I leaved a few unpainted areas, then with a light gray and blue I created shapeless spots - these will be clouds reflected in water.

In a few shades of yellow and brown, and of red and light gray in some places I draw an asphalt gravel in the upper right unpainting piece.
Some big stones were visible in water.

Then I added some gray pink color and light rust color (glow of the setting sun) in a clouds and detalized a contours of their.

I smeared a strokes on the water area, add a added yellow tint to it — a reflex from the asphalt, and again blended.
With the same shades of yellow and brown (and black and light gray in some places) I painted a second section of asphalt - in the lower left corner.

Now the reflection of the trees.
The farthest and thinnest branches I drew with black and with dark brown - thicker in the near plan.
Somewhere in the middle of the clouds I add a blue-gray color to make a volume.
And smear in center too.

I hope this drawing will put you in the mood for spring.

With Love...

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1 year ago


Wow, I fell in love with this puddle of water and the reflection of the spring shadows inside it. This painting feels very good. Thank you, my friend, for strengthening the sense of spring in us these days with your beautiful spring paintings.

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1 year ago

Thanks, Ellen)) Winter doesn't want to leave us. So the picture is relevant.

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1 year ago