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Flying House (photomontage)

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3 months ago

Hi my friends!

I again changed the type of creativity for a while.

Contests are held at one of the sites where you need to make your own scene from a given photo.

Sometimes I like a source, an idea comes up and I entry.

Like this time

It was a source photo for work

And some my own photo of flowers

First I put the photo in one working file

Then with the help of a layer mask (yes, I worked in Photoshop, of course) I hid part of the source, leaving only the house and the sky

I liked the lonely tree on the left and decided to highlight it separately.

Yes, the drop shadow had to be drawn by hand

Then, with the help of a brush and Clone Stamp tool, I painted the sky

Crop the picture and drawing a guidelines strokes with blue color

And now the magic begins! Why I Love Digital Programs!

I make another snapshot and opening it in Corel ParticleShop (it's special plugin from Corel corpotation which allows you to draw particles in Photoshop with brushes from the latest versions of Corel Painter)

Chose a brushes and drawing a ornament, save as alone stroke and replace it in artwork

Add one more layer with flower and blur it with Gaussian blur

Some finally color correction with adjustment layer Channel mixer

I hope you like my idea and someone wants to do the same

With Love...

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Written by   55
3 months ago
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Wow my friend, this is really a magic flying house. I like your idea very much. You worked very good with Photoshop. Very beautifully you use from your brushes, layers and blur... Very artistically, the sky, the flowers, the house and the tree have flow in your artwork. Good luck in the contest...

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3 months ago

Thanks so much, Ellen! I very like this plugin! I can drawing wonderful pictures with it!

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3 months ago