Digital art_2020. Singing Forest

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1 year ago

Hi friends!

First picture I wanted to draw was a continuation of my drawing series about Singing Forest and their magic animals.
Last time I met you with Blue Owls, do you remember?
Now I decided to draw a Singing Forest itself.
What do you think it might look like?
Something like this...

I saw a story of that drawing in the sky. One day I looked out the window and saw how a clouds had formed strangely.
I immediately made a sketch of this kind, so as not to forget.

I started my drawing in Paint Tool SAI 2, but sometime I used Photoshop when I needed a unusual form of brushes...

Made a strokes of base colors
Above there will be flashes like the northern lights.
I thought it would look magical

In first step I used my main working brush Oil Brist 2

Chose a dark color gradient for background as deep space with this options

Aurora Borealis is shining!
One of my lover Photoshop brushes I created myself.

I set this options for it

I created two layers, lower of them was bluring to make a soft glow

This is magic reflection from trees

A сolorful trees of Singing Forest.
I drew their leaves in an unusual spiral shape, with intertwined branches.

In this step I drew a cloudy environment around of trees.
These are also various bizarre forms. I used two kind of my brushes - some like a cloud with soft wet edges

and a basic round with scattering options.

Spiral tops of trees (with Ink Pen)

The I decided to resize my picture to make the composition more expressive.

and made a glow for trees (blurred copy of layer and set blending mode to Screen)

The I wanted a forest has more saturation color and replace a copy blurred layer above the original.
And change blend mode to Linear Dodge (Add)

I don't know what a star buildings they are - may be a Chrystal Castles from a space ice growing on the asteroids.
But it must be beautiful too!

And final element - a music from Universal falling to leaves of forest.
How can draw a music?
I think, as a delicate chains of stars...

And the space of the universe with stars and planets in the background (on new separate layer)

Reduce to value of opacity to 40% for universal's layer

Duplicate layer of star buildings and music chains, blurred them and change blending more to Lighten for creation magic glow

This is how it is, the Singing Forest, growing somewhere in unknown outer space, able to hear and reproduce the music of the stellar spheres...

I hope you'll like a story of creation this picture.

Have a nice and creative day!

With Love...

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1 year ago


very nice drawing

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1 year ago

How nice that you show the process of your drawings, there are many people who shy away from doing it so that others don't know, I find it admirable that you do it. I also draw when I have free time and it is something that helps me to release stress

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1 year ago

You've so beautiful name!))) Like the heroine of the series)

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1 year ago

Many thanks friend! I like to share with other people my findings in the field of digital graphics. After all, if someone repeats my lessons, there will be more beauty in the world.

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1 year ago

Wow my friend the picture you created is great. Those twinkling stars, those beautiful aurorae, those intertwined trees, are truly amazing. And it evokes the feeling of listening to a soft and beautiful music... ✨

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1 year ago

Many thanks friend! Yes, I tried to create a sound effect and I'm glad if I succeeded)))

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1 year ago