Digital art_2019. Golden Lilies

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1 year ago
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Hi friends!

I continue my drawing series named "Magic Flowers"

Today I tell and show you how I drew one of most beautiful july flowers - golden lillies

I hope that a view of these joyful flowers will warm you a little if you are cold in winter.

I've always many flowers in my garden in summer, because I hadn't a reference to draw them

Sketch in Paint Tool SAI 2

Color palette

In version 2 of SAI you can fill an background with gradient.

Chose a color of lilies

Lilies have very beautiful petals - golden color turns into dark red

I wanted to draw it as a real flowers (even though I draw in the style of illustrations)

Yes, in this time I use a new brush

On this step I decided what color of background too light and I copy this layer & made it darken to selected shining petals of lilies.


More deep shadows in the center of flowers

I assumed that the flowers are lit with diffuse light, so there are no harsh shadows.

Then I wanted to add a shine to edge of petals.
I added a new layer, painted on it yellow in petal contours.

Blurred it with Gaussian blur filter

I replaced this layer under layer with lillies and changed blending mode to Shine

It turned out to be a beautiful soft glow

It seemed to me not enough, and I made a copy blurred layer, replace it above the layer with flowers and changed blending mode to Hard Light.
This view is better!

I made a center shadow one more darken.

Finally I added a beautiful bokeh behind the flowers (on new layer) and changed blending mode on Linear Light

Some color correction and final sharpen in Photoshop.
I's ready!

Thank you for your attention to my drawings!

Even if you never pick up a pencil and an electronic pen, it doesn't matter... ;))

After all, inspirational things can be created in any area of life.

I wish you've an Ocean of Inspiration for all occasions!


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You got an artistic skills 🤗

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1 year ago

Many thanks! I hope))

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1 year ago

My dear friend, as usual, you painted a very beautiful and natural flower, it is very beautiful and full of feeling, the steps you go through for painting are very interesting, many things can be learned from your teachings. The best gift for any person is to have inspiration and a creative mind, thank you my friend, I hope we are always full of inspiration... 💚🍃

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1 year ago

Thanks a lot! I'm glad if my drawings inspire people to pick up a pencil too ... or some other tool for creativity)))

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1 year ago

Lily is glowing. I love yellow roses and yellow lilies))). They create a cheerful, joyful mood when contemplating this beautiful reproduction of art. You managed to convey all the tenderness and beauty of the lily flowers. They are beautiful!!!

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1 year ago

Yes, the lilies are beautiful summer flowers! Thanks!

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1 year ago