A Window to the Autumn (tempera painting)

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1 year ago
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Hi friends!

The story of this drawing was inspired by my friend's collage

I saw an interesting technique in this - to make a leaf of a tree a frame for an autumn landscape

I needed for my work tempera paints, a watercolor paper "torchon", a brush number 3 and ... a piece of a sponge for washing dishes


I start the painting from the main part - from the landscape.

For the sky, I take a mix of blue FC and white with a drop of yellow cadmium, for hay heaps - a mix of burnt sienna with a drop of gas soot (for the shadow side), a mix of natural sienna with ocher (medium tone) and pure yellow ocher - for the highlight side.

For the field, I mix ocher with whitewash, prescribing the most distant plan with it. Closer to the foreground, I add more ocher and in some places I apply stripes of natural sienna.

For the background, I mix a lot of earthy shades - a mixture of green FC with yellow cadmium and ocher, then I take pure burnt sienna, natural sienna, a little blue FC and gas soot.

I cut off a piece that is convenient for use from the sponge, alternately I dip it in different colors and create such a spontaneously motley background.

For the leaf, on the contrary, I take the brightest colors - three shades of yellow paints, iron red, cadmium red, a drop of ultramarine.

I outline the contours with a brush and also fill the middle of the sheet with a sponge. Closer to the edge of the central picture, I make the paint very much diluted to create a collage effect.

With the darkest shade, I draw the veins on the sheet.

Also, with spontaneous individual strokes, I apply the remnants of bright colors to the background in order to better fit the sheet into it.

Well, the very last and painstaking details are the ears of corn.

I paint the light parts with a mixture of yellow cadmium with a drop of lemon and white, and the shadows with a mixture of burnt sienna with a drop of blue FC.

I make the distant ears of corn less contrasting and not detailed, adding more natural sienna.

Here is my mystical autumn leaf!

I hope you like my drawing idea too.

Thanks for your attention and have a joyful day!


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1 year ago
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I really like the composition. It´s an interesting view into landscape :) your technique is really good

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1 year ago

Thanks a lot! Sorry, I lost Your comment)

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1 year ago

The wheat stalks and the haystack are so familiar 😍 It's like looking through a window into a distant world.Unusual, original.

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1 year ago

Thanks! Yes, I think the same) The picture was worth painting!

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1 year ago