Weight Loss ~ Mirror Neurons x Healthy Lifestyle

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If the dream to be a perfect 10 is built on the platform that you want to be like the tall glass, smokey hot cocktail-stiletto silhouette girl next door, then your quick snip goal to weight loss might just be as botch as failed under the laser surgery could go.

One of the numerous reasons why many people don't lose weight is because they set an unrealistic goal for a short time frame, and when the desired result doesn't reflect the mirror neurons they seek, they go window shopping for the victim mirror and give up.

The first step to an healthy weight loss journey is looking into the mirror and feeling good about yourself and knowing you could be better.

Hating your body will drive you nuts and get you pissed off all the time. This would literally drive you into feeling like shit everyday and believe you me, that's a fast track to depression.

In certain corners of the world, the pressure to make an impression is so high, that the pursuit for a size zero is no longer a Victoria's secret. And it has become the go-to standard for every lady looking to make the cover page dazzle.

And this has in no doubt driven the craze for porcelain-doll house perfection raking in alot of cha-chings into the cosmo-surgical and aesthetic industry.

However, reviewing the long run results of uncanny deformations and quick rickling of the skin as age speeds up, more and more people are beginning to settle back into good ole work out routines.

So what would you stamp as a good work out routine?

Well before getting into that, let's get basic.

The first step to a healthy weight loss journey, like i said before is falling in love with your body and knowing loss or gains you still perfect.

Body comparison to the next lady shouldn't be your WHY, it should come from you realising that you want to do it for you.

And not because of some wool wearing-hammer to slab comment from someone or because of the narcissist choke that has come to bear on the size zero standard.

Getting slim and fit could be a little more simplistic than you think.

Reverse thinking would simply suggest that in order to lose weight (mythically believed it being as a result of eating), you have to do the opposite.

That will only imply if you looking for a quick head start for a head stone.

Did you know that taking regular drinks of water tends to trick your body into feeling loaded with heavily compressed mass of calories...in other words tummy full.

Studies have shown that taking water regularly helps not just to regulate your body fluids but it also acts as a solvent to induce weight loss.

Another way to boost healthy weight reduction is by cooking at home.

We can all agree that fast foods and possibly lots of restaurant menu are sauce splashed with high cholesterol options.

And not just that, but also contains a lot of fats alongside sugar brewed drinks and alcohol cocktails.

Cocktails may cause dehydration and gimmick the feel of burning off fats, but it's clinically not suggested as a healthy alternative.

Funny, people also tend to go smoking up cubans or cigars in hopes of burning off fats. It does work yes, but it doesn't come without a side effect to your lungs.

And sugar is definitely a no-brainer, as study has shown that too much sugar in the body leads to cholesterol build up and upshoots to diabetes or high blood sugar.

Cooking at home might just be the recipe you need to kick off your weight loss journey to a healthy lifestyle.

But again, most of our food produce of recent have been genetically altered, chemically boosted and is no longer organic.

And most of the nutrients we need for the body are no longer of high concentrates.

Plus going by the food pyramid, studies expects us to eat a lot of whole grain foods.

But most times, we just go for the easy reach, quick finds or taste bud's demands and barely have time to match it up with whole grains.

Well if you looking for your friendly neighborhood super hero to be your knight in shining armour, your go-to recipe should be food or dietary supplements.

Watch this space to see some food supplements

And with that in check, what's next our work out routines.

Mind you if you going for a general body weight loss, you necessarily don't need some novelty workout program, highly priced gym subscription or recommended personal trainer.

All you need is to arm yourself with a little education.

You can lose weight by jogging, running, bicycle riding, dog walks, mouse wheeling on the treadmill and swimming.

That's on the light side of the grid iron, but it also goes from regional play offs to the superbowl.

Though light it may seem, every swing, every foot in front of the other or every stroke against the waves burns up your fat.

Just losing weight alone will have you looking like a saggy maize farm scarecrow with an oversized t-shirt.

There is no weight loss without abs sculpting hence the time off then the superbowl-hit intensity personal training comes into fold.

...into fold as in applying cardio exercise work outs involving dead weight lifts and Jar head mechanical lunges.

And developing a routine or pattern, create reps (repeats) for each pattern...it could be 5 or 10 reps (which ever works best for you) before a rest--rest may not necessarily mean a complete stop but a slower pace to the same pattern to allow for the muscles to relax before powering back up to a more intensity riddim.

Signing off for now, see you in the next episode.

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