Road Signs ~ A Trip To Intimacy x 108 Boulevard

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2 years ago

Oh my God that feeling you get when you just start dating it's super crazy exciting ain't it, the script always tend to be perfectly rehearsed with opening scenes capturing dinner dates, hand squeezed together-nose rubbing-lips kissing cinema roomcoms, and picnicking at hotspots.

And often times sequels upon sequels of happy endings roll into the box office, and other times it turns into a complete horror movie or occasional drama soaps.

The thrills at the start is always head over heels-hair blowing in the wind magical, but often times the knots of expectations in need of instant gratification begins to run split ends and tends to break the balance throwing it into a thick frizz.

These frizz come in form of less outings and less communication. When you paint the town red you tend to run out of new fun places to explore.

Let things happen naturally, don't speed your way through the first week of the relationship only to turn out a bore. Often times the overwhelming exciting rush to serenade your way into your intended partner's heart makes you quickly burn out of fun ideas to keep the magic going.

At this pit stop you tend to want to out do the grand experience of the previous date meet up, and miss out on actually enjoying the experience. Slow your roll driver or you may get a ticket and miss the green light.

On the rear end view though, you also want to mirror to your intended that you can also turn the key and toggle up the boost once awhile, you don't want your riding shotgun going all my Gran'Ma can drive faster than you, step it up.

It's suppose to be a fun ride, so relax turn on the radio, let the music permeate the atmosphere and just go with the riddim, you however need to chime in once awhile with some conversation.

The pursuit for perfection is probably a HillyBilly's dream for a pony in a rainbow land. Again don't put too much expectations in, or you will just listen and reply back with a yes or no black box crusher.

It can't always be a smooth sailing conversation 24 hours, 7 days, 365 days a year; there is bound to be awkward moments. Even well seasoned actors get all bloopy to dialogue scripts at the BTS takes. And that's VFX matte paint tapestri-ed, so you can't expect no different from reality.

Relationships are suppose to be real and not perfect, but hey if you trying to get that, it's totally cool. But don't drive too much energy into it, you might send the entire relationship into a toxic explosion.

Relationship strives on knowing each other, and the vehicle to push that is communication. A good road map of communication steers the relationship on the right track.

Bringing an open mind to the table of discussion helps to ease down the facts you take in, getting to know someone new, you will probably have to pass through the good, the bad and the ugly. And if you actually in it for the finish line be ready for some grease stains and trophies.

However, often times there are pit stops, it's probably inevitable.

Have you ever thought about these though? Introverts get easily bored and do more of listening to speaking. And extroverts do more talking rather than actually listening. Weird right?

Throw me an ambivert (laughs) just kidding.

Introverts are most of the time silent and rather just sit and watch you talk, so if you get more of yes and no throw backs it's A-okay, again let it flow naturally don't force things. And most if not all the time, they actually get you and once a while give some really good comebacks.

The sideline though is that, you probably have to really throw in some funny jokes once awhile or really keep the conversation going or it's just going to turn into a scrolling through the phone contest.

Extroverts on the other hand, got all the jokes and handles but most times just want to hear theirselves talk. Rude much probably, nah just kidding, depends on how it reflects on the other side of the mirror. They tend to be super hyperactive to respond and often don't see beyond the surface meaning and in between the lines of the conversation coming at them.

So if the communication goes sideways before tossing the coin to the waiter, take a tip at this...can you see him or her in your future? What side of the coin is your intended?

And now to the dessert, Creme Brulee anyone.

Good communication is a biology of its own, dissert it right and your chemistry will bloom even more. Communication helps to build bonds, it slowly cracks down the high walls and brings down the castle draw bridges.

Once the Rapunzel is out of the castle, it's a barbie tea cup party-comfort food kinda thing. In such comfort comes the soft romantic touches on your shoulders, knees or middle back, a soft squeeze of hands, soft teasing giggles, flirty airy sultry pitched voice, occasional teasing body bumps, craftily planned lean in set up for a kiss and intense eye contact stirs.

And with more constant trips to this part of town, jiggling of keys at the door, the soft toss of the hair to the sides, the teasing stroke hand play through the hair, intense gazes and lean in paves the way for kissing, cuddling and intimacy.

In as much as it's a general debate that girls prefer the man initiate the moves, it's also debatable to state that some girls will often times than none lead the flow. Best you know, if you driving or riding shotgun in time so you get up to speed.

Did you know that besides kissing building intimacy in a relationship it also boosts your happy hormones?

Happy hormones naturally elevates your mood and makes you more relaxed and thus helps to relief stress. Can kissing everyday make you feel and look young everyday? It's possible, did you know that swapping of split helps to boost immunity? Perfectly functioning healthy cells keeps the body fresh and young.

Did you know that kissing can act as a natural botox to repel wrinkles and as lipo redux for your facelift?

Kissing releases oxytocin hormones (love hormones) that helps to strengthen bonds and satisfaction. Happy hormones reduces cortisol (stress) levels in the body and improves self worth and esteem.

Did you know that kissing reduces blood pressure? Did you also know that kissing can relief your headache?

Cuddles and hugs on the other hand not only helps to improve bond between love birds, it also helps as an anti-coolant body temperature regulator.

Did you know that the cuddling and spooning position creates a sense of calmess and protection, thus creating a safe space to sleep well...

Too many relationships take a blow to the head and never recover because along the way expectations rode in on high horses, fun took a vacation from the circus and ruccus took forefront and center.

Tough situations don't last, tough people do. When it all comes crumbling down, go back to the drawing boards, make it a priority to do what you did from the very start that lit the flame in the first place.

A rose petals candle lit day to you.

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2 years ago


Being in Love is a very nice Feeling of all. But I forgot that Feeling a long time ago.

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2 years ago

True, and that's not entirely a bad thing. The universe always puts you in the right place at the right time. And everyone have they own soul mate, Love will find you again when it's right. Although other times, we never really (consciously or unconsciously) position ourselves for it. We tend to get cut up with reality, the 9-5 and the bills and we never really set ourselves up for love been that we so busy and all. 😊

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2 years ago