Candid Camera, The Streets And The Unexpected

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2 years ago

Once a while we get a flash of ideas that sparks creativity, and other times the light is just a full blown out softbox.

Shutting out everything and leaving you blank of creativity.

...ever had one of those moments where every picture begins to look like the first.

Every pose just seems the same and tends to be like deja vu.

And the backdrop is just plain and doesn't scream inspiration.

I don't know about you, but i tend to get bored, when the photo reels begin to look like a continuous repetitive loop pattern.

Had one of those?...i probably bet you have.

So how do you get out of that weird funk of creative block.

Scrolling through Pinterest or old mood boards for inspiration?

...that could be an option.

Or a quick back slide to uninspired ville.

So how do you get your shutters to capture new breathe-taking photo sets?


Just get your camera and head out to the streets and snap.

Got this spark from watching a video on YouTube.

And the experience was amazing.

But i won't lie to you, it wasn't all smiles from the beginning to the end. I mean there were a couple of rejections and awkward moments.

And if you planning to do the same, you had probably have the same turn of events.

...but life happens when you don't expect it, and the magic happens when it's unrehearsed.

So if you having a creative block, freshen up, get your camera and let's hit the streets.

Best believe that you will come across a lot of rejections at first, so here a bit of interpersonal skills, and personal boundaries comes into the foreground.

Put the person's comfort and safety in the focus first, and if you angle that lens right you just might cheese up your way into getting them to warm up to you.

If that's checked off the list, then you on to a good start.

Remember everyone isn't a model with a good idea of how to strike cover page or centre fold poses, so be prepared to aid them with poses for a start.

And let them walk their way into coming up with their own off the head random poses.

Be ready to shoot a couple of what i call i-will-delete-later shots just to get something going.

While you doing this, be sure to always create a line of communication between you and the person in focus.

You want to start off by getting to know him or her, take it like you going out on your first date.

Start with the small talks then later walk your way up into more questions.

I don't mean the 21 questions, that's going to come out as fifty shades of stranger danger alert.

And what ever chemistry you already had going will just disperse into vapours-abba cadabra gone.

The aperture focus should be on trying to get to know them, what they like, their interest and dislikes.

Keep the tripod around these three spectrums and you good.

If you lucky in the process of getting to know them, you also tend to see which parts of their face, eyes or body is more light bounce reflective skin friendly.

And in between snaps be sure to always reward them with compliments when you get a good snap out of a pose.

It's basic psychology really, when someone does something nice and you reward them, it creates a positive reinforced pattern to do more of that to get more rewards.

The happier he or she is, the more awesome your photosets begin to build.

And if you can make him or her laugh, you could literally get those once in a lifetime unprepared for wow your mind captures.

...with renewed energy, creativity is reborn.

And most importantly be sure to always tell them when you zooming in...into a kinda up in your face position so they don't get uncomfortable.

Even more importantly, master control...

In the quest to get more creative shoots and when all that excitement begins to come around, don't forget to put the person's comfort above your needs.

Hope this helped...

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2 years ago