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The quickest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it back in your pocket -- Will Roger

So i was reading through @eommaZel's post 'It is not how much we earn that counts but how much we can save' and this idea you reading struck...

Is there a difference between savings and investment?

People tend to use these two words relatively but both words have entirely distinctive meanings.

I like to think that saving is just something you put aside as against any emergency. While investment, is an upshot of savings, investment is putting your money to work for you.

It's not just putting money aside as an insurance cover against emergencies, it's using your money as a platform to earn more money. It's like employing every dollar bill you got and sending it out to recruit more Ty-dolla $igns for you.

Money doesn't make you rich, your financial intelligence does -- Robert Kiyosaki.

The rich invest their money and spend what is left and the poor spend their money and save what is left.

Often times there really isn't much to save after your salaried income has been slashed to 50% after tax, then the utility bills and credit card debt repayments follow, and you left with nothing to save.

The key is to pay yourself first.

And how do you achieve this? It's by investing, investing and investing, if i had all the time in the world, i would keep re-writing investing just to amplify the relevance of it.

But before going further i think it would be great to quickly talk about asset and liabilities.

This is more or less inspired by @MarcDeMesel's 1x Tesla Model 3 car now cheaper than 1 BTC, What do you prefer to get as a gift though? post on

Was reading through the comments and it kind of got me thinking.

Would i really want to go for a car? Or would i rather opt for 1 BTC (Bitcoin) instead.

And like that boom, the word assets and liabilities mirrored into my mind.

Simply put asset is something that puts money in your pocket and liability is something that takes money out of your pocket.

And with that vision clear in mind, i'm resolving to go with 1 BTC, it's so obvious right?

Well if it's still stains on the mirror for you, then look at it this way...

Getting the car comes with uninvited expenses, the party pupper, the ones who come unannounced and crash the party -- i'm talking repairs and if i'm not mistaken it would definitely add some fraction to your tax, and thus classifies it as liability.

On the other hand 1 BTC doesn't just add more to your pocket as liquidated price appreciation, it also creates a platform for you to double your money through investment- that's cashflow, letting your money work for you.

And with all things equal, need i mention that you on a platform that earns you Bitcoin Cash and helps everyday people with everyday problems.

I want to believe that @bmjc98's argument that you can't really spread BCH Awareness and onboard more users to adopt BCH without educating them about the earning potentials on is logically very sound.

I mean people are more drawn to opportunities that will give them earning privileges.

So there is really no point of limiting the use case abilities of BCH's whitepaper potentials.

Ok, before i totally got off track...

If you have been using or for awhile now you can attest to the tips and earnings right?

I'm just a month young on and i can tell you how many testimonials i have read, well i can't really count, they are numerous.

And i must applaud @Leejhen's Give A Smile To A Kid program and @bmjc98's BCH Charity Box --these are already ways that are literally impacting lifes.

You may not be a beneficiary of these awesome charity initiatives but you could also gift yourself the same opportunity.


Simple by turning every microbits of Satoshi (hopefully i'm right, i mean can't really tell if it has the same substrate derivative as Bitcoin) or cents you earn from good ole rusty (you may know him, her or it as @theRandomRewarder) into a four wall desk earning recruiter for more $$$.


Hodling, It's like picking a penny stock option and riding it out till it becomes a blue chip stock. Like when Bitcoin flagged off not everyone ever believed it would be performing better than any S & P 500 stock index right?

But today look where it's at. And with MasterCard about to roll out an option of transacting directly with crypto, the sky may not even have enough room to contain it's growth potential.

And besides just hodling Bitcoin Cash for it's price appreciation, did you know you could even go proof of work protocol on it, i mean you can mine it.

I'm currently running a test run with Bitcoin Cash mining on BCHJolly, i'm sorta waiting to see how it goes though.

And did you also know that you can autocompound your Bitcoin Cash into daily interest on Nexo?

That's it for now guys, if you have other tips for boosting your Bitcoin Cash earnings or want to know more, the comment boxes are your friends, don't be afraid to say hi.

See you in my next post.

Being rich isn't about money, but it's the time freedom it can get you.

P.S if you also interested in an alternative way to earn cashflow read up Net Worth ~ Health, Passive Income And A Flexible Lifestyle.

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Darn, I have nothing left here. Don't worry, I will get back to you soon. Anyway, thank you for the mention. I am flattered to see that you guys appreciate my little gestures for others. Salamat.

And yes, invest, invest, and more investment so we can all have a financial freedom before we even retire. 🤗

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2 years ago

You welcome, it was worth the mention. It's always nice to spread awareness for a good social cause that's impacting lifes...definitely looking to see more of that though.

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2 years ago