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Real of morality

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4 months ago

Two days ago I was invited by a friend of mine to attend an online seminar on one of the websites. Actually, I was reluctant to attend the online seminar, but my friend kept asking me to register for the online seminar.

One of the speakers of the online seminar was a lecturer from Bandung State University. In the seminar, the speaker talked about morals. He said that all seminar participants should be moral. The moral he meant was to be obedient to parents, to be obedient to religion, to be diligent in worshiping, etc.

In my mind, I said, "Hey man, that's not moral, that's slavery". Such shallow morals are no longer needed. What we need today is creative, innovative, and critical thinking. Discourse like that makes me fed up because many hypocrites hide behind such morality.

Indonesia has many places of worship, in every place of worship, morality continues to be discussed, but corruption is still growing, poverty is still widespread, women are regulated in the way they dress and think, Children are educated harshly and forced to learn things that are not useful.

Why did it happen? From my point of view, I see that people in Indonesia have not yet understood true morality. Morality that is often conveyed is just a meaningless empty concept. It is time for us to change the basic concept of morals based on wisdom.

Before talking about morals, one must first understand wisdom. Then, what is meant by wisdom? People who have wisdom are people who can see the world as it is. A wise person also knows who he really is. In this way, wisdom becomes a strong moral root, and morality fully comes alive. Therefore, do not talk about morals until you understand wisdom. Thank you.

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Morality really is deep. We will catch up with time.

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4 months ago

chasing time for what? there's nothing to chase

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4 months ago

This is good, but I feel you are not complete enough to convey it. I feel there are still many shortcomings to explain in this article

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4 months ago

On another occasion, I will explain about this article in more detail

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4 months ago