Mirror, Cup, Sky, and Sea

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Our true selves are always at peace, and always in joy. However, thoughts and emotions cover it, so we suffer. Because it has been going on for years, the thoughts and emotions are getting thicker. It is increasingly difficult to see in reality as an illusion that comes and goes.

Within the contemplative-meditative tradition, there are many ways to explain this. One of them is by using an analogy. This understanding, that our original selves are always peaceful and joyful, does not come from blind faith. It comes from experience that can be tested directly.

Like a Mirror

Our true self is like a mirror. It is ready to reflect all objects, without exception. It is also always clean again when the object is gone. It always returns to its original state.

The mirror object is like our thoughts and emotions. They come and go. They can be so big and scary, or small as if they were nothing. However, they too will pass.

We are mirrors. Thoughts and emotions are just objects that change in front of a mirror. Stay as a mirror. Whatever happens, we will find the peace and joy we need.

Like a Cup

Our true self is also like a cup. It can be filled with anything. It can be filled with water, coffee, tea, and so on. However, after washing, it returns to its original state.

Water, coffee, tea, and so on are like our thoughts and emotions. They change endlessly. They can be so thick, or tasteless. However, all of that is only temporary.

We are like cups. All the thoughts and emotions that come are just the contents of the cup that keeps changing. So, we need to be aware of this cup-like consciousness of ours. Amid a constantly changing mood, due to external circumstances that are also constantly changing, we can find inner peace and stability.

Like the Sky

Our true self is also like the sky. Sometimes, it is covered by dark clouds. Sometimes, there are a few clouds. Sometimes, too, it's clear blue.

All clouds, and other weather conditions, are like changes within us. Dark clouds are like bad emotions, like anger and fear. Bright clouds are like pleasant emotions, like when you get a fortune. Whatever it is, clouds are also something very temporary.

The real us is the sky itself. All mental states are like clouds and the weather is constantly changing. We need to keep training our minds so that we can experience this fully. Only then can we find peace amid a life that is constantly changing.

like the sea

The sea is just choppy on the outskirts. In the middle, he is calm and steady. So is our mind. Ripples of thoughts and emotions exist only in the mind. Our original core is always calm and stable.

The sea also embraces all. He accepts all. There is no refusal at all. Our true mind is like that too. It can be a place for all kinds of thoughts and emotions.

Anger is just like a hurricane. He came and left moments later. The joy is the same. The sea remains and is ready to accommodate all types of weather. Our mind remains conscious and ready to accommodate all mental states that occur.

Our True Self

Our real self is the Buddha himself. Buddha is not human. It is a mental characteristic that is always calm and stable. We all have it. That is, in truth, we are all Buddhas.

The Buddha's mind accepts all emotions. It also accepts all thoughts that come and go. He watched but didn't get lost in it. He is a gentle observer.

Mental objects, such as thoughts and emotions, are quite gently observed. It is enough to be observed and realized with love. It's like a mother watching her child cry. She tried to gently approach and calm her down.

Everything that is inside us, be it bad or good, is a characteristic of our humanity. It is a sign that we are still alive. Don't expect that thoughts and emotions are always beautiful. It is enough to practice to observe and be aware of all forms of emotions and thoughts that come with tenderness and compassion.

This is the most important thing we need to master. Everything else is just a matter of survival. If death comes, usually preceded by pain, it is enough to observe and realize it all gently and with compassion. This pure, peaceful, and stable consciousness is the true liberation of the mind.

The lead image source by https://unsplash.com/photos/DKix6Un55mw

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