Life and Competition

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Winning and losing is always present in the process of life that we live. Sometimes to achieve something we want does require intense competition. In any case, competition is still an inseparable part of life, right?

Competition can come in any form, it could be competition to get a vacant position at work, competition to be ranked 1 and students excel in school, or maybe competition to get champion status in various sports competitions.

So how do we deal with competition in life?

In my view, the first thing to do is to set our thoughts and perspectives first. A champion must also have the mind of a champion. Whatever the process that accompanies it, it takes positive thinking, dares to go forward, never gives up, and keep the spirit to become the champion.

The second thing is setting a winning mentality. Without a winning mentality, the competition we live in will end with unsatisfactory results. Have you ever heard the expression, "only those with a winning mentality deserve to be champions" Mental development like this requires a long process and continuous practice without stopping. The process that is carried out to achieve the goals to be achieved is what will later form the mentality of a champion.

The third thing is daring to try hard, maximizing effort and potential, and also daring to fail. If you want to win any competition in life, it takes hard work, continuous practice, and evaluating your shortcomings when you fail. Becoming a champion in a competition is not as easy as turning the palm, not just achieved (aka instant). Only those who are highly dedicated and wrapped in a hard and sustainable business process, and remain confident in their goals when accepting failure are an important factor for success in winning any competition.

"life is part of the competition. For those who fail, keep the spirit and keep trying. And for the winners, keep trying to be the best of the best".
-Nafi Nur Rauf-

So, that's why we should treat the competition in life as something interesting. Remember, life is part of the competition. If you want to win the competition, you need continuous hard work, not just sitting idle. Understand that we are the product of our thinking. If we think and have a winning mentality, try as hard as we can, if we fail, keep thinking positive, evaluate existing shortcomings, and remain confident that we can win the competition. Insyaallah, God will surely help us to our destination.

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