Licking Honey on a Sharp Knife

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Good food makes you full. Hundreds of flavors dance on the tongue. Enjoy it for a moment. The price is expensive, the money comes out a lot, and the feeling of heaviness in the whole body, due to excessive satiety. Partying with friends is certainly fun. Moreover, if we party all night accompanied by good food or alcohol. However, in the morning, there was a price to pay. Headaches and stomach aches will usually come to visit. Body friction with the lover is exciting. The ultimate pleasure of having sex is also missed. Just a moment, then tired came knocking. If making love is done without commitment and true sense, guilt also often visits.

Bloody Honey

That is the hallmark of bodily pleasure. There is a price to pay afterward. Oftentimes, the price is so high that it leads us to suffer. It's like licking honey on a sharp knife: sweet but bloody and full of pain.

Some addictions beg to be fulfilled. If it is not fulfilled, suffering arises in the mind and body. This pattern has happened time and time again. However, we often forget and fall into a similar pit.

At first, it was a wish. If it does not materialize, suffering will come. If it materializes, greed comes. People want more because he is already addicted. This is the characteristic of the untrained mind.

So, realized or not, the desire will lead to disappointment. The desire that is realized will end in greater suffering. We are lifted, then we fall. The pain is much more real and lasts longer.

Oftentimes, the failure of a wish is a great blessing in life. We fell but were spared the bullets that hit. So, don't bemoan "failure". Unfortunately, we often do not understand this.

Keep Changing

The problem is not in enjoyment but the ever-changing nature of reality. Nothing is permanent in this world. What is born must die. Nothing escapes this eternal law.

In the past, certain things brought pleasure. After a while, the feeling went away. It becomes bland and tasteless. What was delicious in the past becomes disgusted at this time.

It's not just things that change. Humans have changed. His mind changed. His taste changed. What used to make him happy now no longer touches his heart.

Pursuing pleasure means getting lost in the ups and downs of life. It must be tiring. Not infrequently, the desire to end one's life comes to the fore. This would be the source of human suffering today.

So, peace does not come from pleasure. True peace and happiness are born experiencing the world as it is. From moment to moment, everything appears as it is. Love or hate is only a background that is no longer meaningful.

as wide as the ocean

We melt with the moment. There is no longer a separate "I" from "around me". This moment becomes eternal. It gives true peace.

The mind becomes like the ocean. It is calm and at the same time accommodates the roar of the waves. She is still graceful and accepting of everything. The mind becomes as wide as the ocean.

From the vastness of this ocean, we act. At times, new circumstances emerge. We spontaneously respond. Not less, and not too much.

Don't be tempted to lick the honey over a sharp knife. Don't fall into the same hole. Stay aware. Stay open to everything. As wide as the ocean.

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