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"3 keys of Seed Faith Principles"

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6 months ago

In Christianity we have many ways on how he prosper our life . God's mercy and God's Blessings. Aside from giving Tithes every Sunday which is also our devotion to God that we will back to Hi our 10% of our blessings, which is use also for his church and the ministry and also to his servant. And now as I go deep I found out that there are actually "7 seed Faith" .I know not of us here believe in this but I just wanted to share to you my small research from this seed Faith.

The late ORAL ROBERTS -was highly influential I spreading the concept of "seed faith offering" and He taught people to expect miracle when they sow a "seed" from their "need". He wrote " To realized your potential ,to overcome life's problem, to see your life become fruitful and multiply abundance"

What is seed faith?

-A seed faith offering is money given in faith that God will multiply it and return it to the giver. The more money you give and the more faith you have the more money you get in return.

What is Tithes?

-One tenth/10% part of something paid as a contribution to a religious organization. This is a part of your blessings from God and He is just asking for 10% of it. Always remember God can multiply this thousand times and I believed in that. And this one is also a compulsory. And this is based on what you believed. But for me and my family "we should back to the Creator"

As you can see it is still a giving process but you can compare the differences of this two. If you want or need something you need to plant a seed for you to harvest in the future. And if you want God will blessed you with your job be obedient to give back the 10% of your blessings. And now we will go deep and let's talk abouth the "3 keys of Seed Faith Principles".

3 Keys of Seed Faith Principles

1.) Recognize that God is your source.

-always remember that we are nothing without God. He is the gver of life and everything we have right now are all coming from God.


-God always use many different instrument to supply our needs like a job*doctors*friends*family but He alone is the source and He alone cannot fail.


-In the second key you need to plant a tree but before it will grow, you need to plant a seed right? If you want to harvest more or plenty you need to work hard for it. And also be a giver, remember God gives to those giver who has a good heart.

-In Luke 6:38 says" Give, and it will be given to you" We must first plant a seed of faith so that God can multiply it back to meet our need. Jesus is talking about giving in the deepest sense of the world, the giving of ourselves to God.

-This includes anything we can give

  • LOVE

  • TIME





  • And whatever else we may have.

--Giving is not just a way of money itself. We have different types of giving and its also about material, spiritual, financial and also a simple comfort will do.


-hoOoh! This is it. Always be a positive thinker, a positive mind. Always declare to God that you will receive what you pray for ,always believed to Gods promise,always believed the seed of faith you planted.

-In Mark 11:24 says "Whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you received them and you will have them".

The moment we ask God for something. The moment we do our part, and plant our seed of faith,we should believe God that the answer is on it's way .

Remember: God always sends the right answer at the right time, in the right way. His timing and method are always exactly right for our lives.

Always pray don't just ask God . Don't go to God just to ask for something and for your own sake that's selfish. Always seek God and talk to God and ask for forgiveness first and also don't forget to Say thank you for the Life.

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Written by   12
6 months ago
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Like what people says it's better to give than to receive because giving a thing without a condition can give you happiness and in future it can give you more blessings. The article is good, I don't know that there is a seed of faith. I wa hoping to see you publish more articles, BTW madam, can you put the sponsors Block so that other users here can sponsor you.❤

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6 months ago

Thank you for appreciation sir. And thank you for the upvote. God bless you. Okey sir I will

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6 months ago

Hello madam. Welcome back. ♥️

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6 months ago

Hahaha salamat kaayo madam...

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6 months ago