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She's my Cousin and Best friend at the same time

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10 months ago
Topics: Friendship

One of the best thing in my life is having a kind, smart,and lucky cousin haha. She's the person I've been with since birth? Haha kidding but yeah, we've been together for so many years.

She's 18 and I'm 18. She was born April 2003 and I was born July 2003 as you know haha. I can say that in 18 years of our existence, we've created enough memories. She's also my classmate since kindergarten to Grade 6. And she never failed to amaze me! She's always on Top 2 or 3 back then while me, I remember I'm top 4 or 5 but that was from kindergarten to grade 3 only hahaha. I think I've been on top 9 when I was grade 4. She's always my idol in class!

I remember when we're 4 years old, my aunt asked how we read the word “brother” and I read it first. I read it as “brot-her” as in brot then her (girl) then everyone laughed haha. Then she read it after, she read it “brader”. I was like, “oh Yes! That's right! Why did I read it wrong, I should have think that it's like a word “mother”.

Despite of being smarter, I've never been insecure to her, in fact I'm always proud of her. She's the best for me! There are times that she'll say, “kababa nga ng grades ko” and I was like what? Are you serious? Did you seen my grades? Good thing, she changed that attitude of her from “kababa nga ng grades ko” to “ala yaena na” I'm not saying that it's better if she'll not care about her grades, It's just, It would be better if she'll be contented on what she got because I know she did her best. Grades doesn't define herself tho!

After the graduation, I knew that was the last time that she'll be my classmate because on high school we'll study on different school. But it didn't made us super apart from each other haha. Of course we're just in one barangay haha. On weekends she always went on my grandma's house and we always talked about what happened the last week. She always have a stories about the academics and also about our old classmates. And just like her, I talked about my academics which is super bad lol. You know what, while she's consistent on being on top 10, I've been on rank 47 when I was in grade 7 lol. Sorry it's been difficult for me!

Until now, we're still best friends. We became closer to each other because of pandemic. On twitter, we're like an immature person who's super active. Like, we almost use the twitter as our personal message haha, I think our followers we're annoyed because there newsfeed were full of our conversation haha.

Another thing, we're more immature on messenger. We always have a conversation, and I think most of them are rants haha. There are times that she'll message me saying that they have a lot of modules and her teacher has no mercy haha. And sometimes it's about her classmate who always ask the answers. I think most of the rants was just about academics haha. Then sometimes she'll just message me “uyy” and that uyy has a meaning for me. When I read that uyy, I'll reply WHAT? YOU WON AGAIN? haha, she always tell me when she won on twitter.

As what I've said earlier she's “lucky” yes and that's what I'm insecure about! On twitter, we always join giveaways and sometimes bingo. Sadly, I only won $50 overall, I think. But she? She always won and I think she already received almost $400. Everytime she won, I'm always “huhu, sana ol” but I'm just a lil bit insecure haha, not that serious. I always say sana ol but I'm actually grateful on what I received. I know I'll win someday.

Am always grateful to have her, from all the people I know, she's the only person I trust. Am always private from my family and relatives except her. On twitter, I blocked my siblings and private my account but she's my follower and I don't care about it, I know that she understand my rants and will never tell them to my parents of other relatives. On noise also, I've learned to share my day or things happened in my life that I never shared before. I don't want my sister to read them all that's why I blocked her (sorry) but she, my cousin, still read them all because I let her. I don't know but I just trust her and I'm not shy at her at all.

One more thing, on facebook, since last 3 years, I've been sharing memes and other post (but I've been a year inactive already) and my family and relatives never seen those shared post because I hide them haha. I think I hide almost 200 people, but my bespin (cousin/best friend, jejemon haha) was not included in that 200 people. In fact, she's my reactor on my shared post haha.

That's how she's different from my other cousins, she know everything about me. But I feel sorry to my other cousins and to my siblings, I'm sorry I just can't everything to you because it's kinda embarrassing.

Moving on, I think she did the same thing, she has another twitter account and I'm following her on that. On her main account, her cousin on father side follows her but on her another account, I think I'm her only cousin who follows her. She just tweet normal tweets on her main account but on the other account, she's tweeting all her rants, about academics and family. And I knew that she's also letting me know those things. I know she's having a problem right now about her parents but I'm always here for her.

I think, we've been transparent to each other and that's one of the precious thing I have and will always be grateful about that. Having her as my cousin and bestfriend is a real blessing. I don't know if she'll read this but, if she did, if you did, Thank you for everything, thank you you for being my rant buddy!

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Written by   45
10 months ago
Topics: Friendship
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