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Played Mobile Legends again after 3 Months

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6 months ago

The moment I discovered and BCH, I started to uninstall mobile legends and other apps since I'm not gonna use them anymore. I focused on earning BCH, posting on noise, using telegram and also Juungle Marketplace. It's been 3 months already since then. But 3 or 4 days ago, I installed the game again. Actually that time, I don't feel like sharing my thoughts, feelings and everything that happened to me that day that why I decided to rest and play the game.

I actually missed it. Playing mobile legends with my siblings and cousins. And I think they also missed me haha. They keep on asking me to play a ranked mode with them. So we played, and as usual I used Hilda, my favorite hero haha.

The first day that I installed the game, I played immediately and since I missed it, I did my best to win haha (ml na ml) and because of that, we won haha. Look at this.

First Game

8, 2, 4 is my score haha. I'm not the MVP but not bad since I got gold and not bronze haha.

After that, I played again and good thing I got gold on the next games but unfortunately, on the third game, we lose haha. The opponents are pretty good.


It will be embarrassing when someone check my history because I only use Hilda. Haha sorry, I just do not know how to use other heroes and I'm loyal to Hilda. So that was my history June 24 and 25. One lose 4 wins and 2 MVPs. I like that two game haha, opponents didn't killed me lol. That's the reason why I like hilda, opponents cannot kill her easily because when she's in a bush, her HP regeneration increases. I'm not good huh, I'm just lucky that time because the opponents aren't good hahah.

MVP Lose

The next game, I used Guinevere. She's also a good hero but I don't know how to use her haha. We lose in that game and I'm the MVP again but I think it's because of KS haha. I really do not know how to use Guinevere, I just tried it because I've watched in some stream how good Guinevere is.

Then I keep on playing it, I almost forgot our final paper on research haha, sorry na. So the next game, we lose again haha. I used Hilda but I got silver. Opponents are pretty good. I cannot easily attacked them because they are hiding on their turrets. I only got 3,4,1 scores haha.

Got silver
Game with siblings

That game was last night, while playing we cannot stop from laughing because of the opponents haha. I don't know if we're good or they just do not know how to play. Lol, I'm not the MVP, my sister keeps on stealing my kills. She'll just use her SS when I can almost kill the opponent. And look at Miss C, she's also my sister but too hmm when playing. She only got 2 kills and 20 assist hahaha. Not bad though.

And the Gold is over haha. This is kinda grr, look, those player we're my cousins and siblings. We're 5 man but look on our score haha. 6? Omg, that should be an advantage because we can talk and make plans while playing but it ended up losing and getting bronze haha. But it's okay, it's not always about winning. The important is we enjoyed.

So for the last game that I'm gonna share, I tried to use other hero. I tried layla and look haha We won and I'm the MVP again. I just played classic since I'm just trying the hero and I don't want to lose in rank mode haha. Layla is not bad, I like her SS and also her face haha but still I'm gonna use Hilda on the next games. She's my number one haha kidding. Balmond is actually my main hero.

Closing Thoughts

I'm loyal to HILDA haha kidding.

It's always good to have a rest on something, you cannot force yourself to do the thing you used to if you don't feel like doing it. Find things that may give you happiness, it's okay. One more thing that I realized is, it's okay if I'm not earning a lot of BCH, as long as I'm happy.

If you remember, from one of my article, I wrote that instead of playing mobile legends why don't people just use or to earn. That's still my question haha. If you'll ask me, how about you? Why are you playing ML and why you chose mobile legends over or, my answer is “I'm resting for a while” I'm not gonna forget BCH of course. Am I gonna publish this article if I'm gonna choose games over BCH? HAHA. Just resting since I don't feel like sharing my thought the last few days. Had a lot of problems actually but I don't want my profile to be full of negativity. But now, I'm gonna be active again!!!

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Written by   44
6 months ago
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It reminds of my game PUBG mobile. It been months when I played last time. Hope to get time to play again someday ☺️

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6 months ago

Hmm, I heard that PUBG is also a nice game but I haven't tried it yet haha.

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6 months ago