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[ S T O R Y S E R R I E S]


This is a story I originally publish from my main account ( @Charlotte ) and I decided to re-publish it here so I can continue with the story. I already written 6 chapters and maybe this story will have 10 chapters or less. Without further ado, here's a story created by me!

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The lingering thoughts of you, the familiar scent in every corner, an unpleasant sight, I’m lost.

Chapter 1: The Agony

It’s been a year since I start to visit this place almost every day. My mind seems to forget how to live my life the way I used to, and whenever I came here, it releases all those thoughts of ending my life. This place became my safe haven. I still remember the accident 2 years ago that took my right arm away from me. I still remember the guilt, the sadness, and the pain. I’ve been telling myself, what’s the point of breathing? Those people whom I cherished are gone, forever. I don’t know, I have no idea why do I keep on clinging on this messy and painful life.

“Papa, how are you?”

I turned my gaze at my back where the voice came from; I can’t see the person who’s talking because of the tombs that surround this place.

“I got rejected again. Well, I’m fine with it. Maybe it’s not yet my time, I promise I’ll practice and work hard more don’t worry about me. I’ll get by and survive although I’m alone now.”

(Flute plays Amazing Grace)

As soon as I heard the song played in flute, a cold breeze passed by. I forgot how a song will sound beautifully. It feels like this is the first time I heard sweet and calming rhythm, all those years, everything was dull and lifeless.

“This is your favorite Papa. I always remember you sing this to me to make me fall asleep. After you leave forever, I can’t fall asleep and I have to play this, but then all I did was cry. I really miss you”

I just listen to her stories without taking a look. I wonder when did her father passed away. She keeps on talking for about two hours then said her goodbye and a promise that she’ll be back.

We’re sharing the same agony.

The difference is, she still have a reason to carry on. Will I ever find mine too?

I lay down and looked up the blue sky.

“Shane, why didn’t you take me with you?”

Chapter 2: Imaginations

"Dada!!!!” I heard her sweet giggles as she called my name. She’s happily running carrying her favorite doll. She looks good in her dress that complements her curly brown hair and her light skintone.

“Dada, come play with me. C’mon c’mon fasteeeeerrrrr”

“Hime, Dada is still tired. Let him rest first and he’ll play with you.” A lovely woman appeared from my back carrying cookies and lemonade. I saw Hime pouts as Shane told her to wait, she’s too cute to resist so I stand up to play with her.

“Dada’s not tired. I’ll play with my--”


Everything turns dark. I am nowhere to be found again, lost with past moments that only I can imagine. As I went back to those times, I am the only one who’s not real, because no matter how hard I try to stay, I’ll come back to reality. In reality, they are not with me anymore.

I stand up and went to the bathroom to wash my face. A deep sigh is all I can do. I fixed myself and made some coffee and then sat in front of what giving me money to live on. One thing that I’m thankful with this messy life is my profession that relies on this small genius thing-my computer. I work in an agency as a game developer that allows me to work in my house without troubling myself with office suits and a lot of social interactions. I can give myself time to at least lessen the pain as I got mixed myself and focus my mind with all these codes, numbers, and letters.

I’m on my last process of the newest game our team has been developing for about eight months when I received an e-mail from my boss.

“Come to the office tomorrow you have to train a newbie”

2 years ago, I stop coming to our office. I’m lucky enough that my boss didn’t fire me and allowed me to work from home. I have no choice but to obey the master of the game.

I lost my focus. Interaction, the one that I hated the most seems to crawl on me slowly.

I saved and exit all those tabs and decided to lie down on my bed. A newbie, I thought. If I train this person how long will he or she last enduring me? Will I ever found my old self as I return to my old schedule and habits?

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9 months ago


Yay this series sounds interesting. I can say that being inactive for a while can be great too because it wouldn't be hanging for me anymore ahahaha.

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9 months ago

I just get back to rc and have a lot to catch up haha hope I can update this article soon

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9 months ago

There are some things that remind us on our lonely days in life, but it doest mean that we will stuck up on it, we need to move forward and live the reality of life.

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9 months ago

Yes that's part of the lesson of this chapter of the story, hope you'll be able to read till the next chapters.

Thanks for reading and giving your thoughts!

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9 months ago

I will, I am a fan of reading stories,and I writes too, that's why, hope to read more from you.

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9 months ago

Thank you so much!

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9 months ago