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1 year ago

You loved me, then abandoned me.

Are you happy now? Genuinely happier than before? I can still remember every little things that you love. Your passion, talents, what you do and don't like, your habits and mannerisms- I know it all. I am happy and contended, I thought I'll be with you till you reach your dreams, have a family, and get old. I knew everything, then one day I woke up with nothing.

You've changed. I know, change is something we can't hinder but I thought we'll change and grow together. I know you struggled a lot. People talk behind our backs. Oftentimes, they hurt me, telling all those painful words to me. I cried a lot, is that the reason why you leave? You can't hold on anymore? You can't fight with me anymore?

I love to write, I want to be a journalist someday. People will tell me I do have a talent in writing however they don't encourage me to turn my passion into my job. Telling me only few people get rich or have a stable job as a journalist. Telling me that if I am lucky enough to have a company or agency, I have to deal with various issues including politics which is a dangerous route to take on. They said that I am upright now but if I become a journalist I'll be a liar sooner or later. I told them, then I can be a book writer instead. I'll publish books, stories, poems, and will write songs so I can still express myself and earn from it at the same time. Then they told me, no, the opportunities are less, arguing that there are a lot of famous writer how can I keep up. So I tried showing my arts. I'll be a full time artist. Artist?! Nahh, no money there.

They killed my dreams. They never supported any of the things I want and love to do. I was discourage, I am drowning with all the expectations yet no one believe in me, and I don't believe in myself anymore.

Then, you abandoned me.

Are you happy now? Genuinely happier than before?

Don't you think it's unfair?, you should've given a fight and win against them. You should've been stronger to defend me.

I am your old self. Your old abandoned self who's dreams were killed.

I always say words are powerful, I countlessly tell and write about how words can change people. Please don't be the reason why someone will abandon their passion and eventually forget what they love.

with love and curiousity,

curiouscath, Charlotte

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1 year ago


Oh Gosh Chachan, so deep. Ang galing mo lang gumawa ng ganito talaga ee. 🤩. But you know, dapat talaga naging malakas sya ee, naging malakas sya at tinuloy nya or ni push nya yong dreams nya. Kaso, weak sya 🥺

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1 year ago

Yun nga eh nag patalo dya sa mga nasa paligid nya :< Thank you for reading 🥺

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1 year ago