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Gojek Clone – Building Successful On-Demand App That Earns You Billions

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A smart and advanced mobile app is what attracts your users. Every startup, established entrepreneur, or investor, will love to build a powerful Multi Services App like Gojek. Regardless the journey seems to be difficult, the Gojek Clone Source Code will endure long-term benefits.

Why Should You Buy Gojek Clone Script Solution?

The primary reason business owners are pondering the idea to launch On-Demand Multi Services App like Gojek is their customers will have access to 70+ services under one app. This is the best and the appealing USP that allures entrepreneurs.

·         To access the services is simple. Only one single click on the smartphone is enough to book the services.

·         It has a new feature recently added that fulfills the urgent needs of both the service providers and the customers.

·         Most of the services are available round the clock which makes it quick to access during any emergency

·        The App provides automation, speed, convenience, and on top of its customer satisfaction.

One Platform Multiple Services

Entrepreneurs can run multiple on-demand businesses under a single app:

·         Taxi ride – Uber-like taxi ride, Moto ride, Car rental, Moto rental

·         On-Demand Deliveries – Food, Groceries, Parcel delivery, Medicinal Marijuana, Medicines, Flowers & Gifts, Wine & Alcohol, Office Supplies, Water-bottle, etc.

·         Other Services – Babysitting, Plumber services, Fitness/Gym, Maid/House cleaning services, Handyman services, Beauticians, Car-washing, Sanitization services, Car repairing, etc.

Newly Launched Features For Your Customers In Single App

Taxi Booking iWatch App

Now taxi booking is easy. Give your customers something new and exclusive Taxi Booking iWatch App. Designed to make the taxi booking easier and quicker. It has the usual features of choosing and booking a taxi, get a notification, make a payment, and so on.

However, it has to be paired with the iPhones, as well as both the device should have a strong Internet Connection.

Location Wise Banners throughout the System

It allows the app owner to create home page banners of specific locations. The users of that particular location will only be able to view that banner.

Location Wise Push Notifications throughout the System

The feature allows the app owners to send notifications and alerts via Pus-notification which can be set location-wise.

Restricting the Driver’s Fraud ( Taxi Booking Component)

The driver will not be able to mark “Arrived” status unless they have arrived at the nearest distance (meters/feet ) set by the Admin app. Therefore, prevents such frauds from happening.

Advanced Rating for Delivery Drivers and Food Items

It allows the users to provide feedback and ratings in detail for the items availed. The feedback helps in making improvements thus, overall enhancing the delivery services.

Detailed and Advanced Service Search in Service Provider Components

An advanced search feature allows your customers to find quick products/services based on the keywords.

Re-assign the Delivery Driver for Delivery Store Orders

The Admin will re-assign the delivery driver if the orders were incomplete due to the below-mentioned reasons:

·         No delivery drivers are available in the nearest areas

·         The Delivery driver has rejected the order request

·         The Delivery driver has canceled the order after confirming it

One Store under Several Categories

This feature allows the Store owners to list their store under multiple categories. If the store owner is into food delivery and grocery selling business, he can send the request to the Admin to add into both the categories.

This way the store owners do not miss out on the potential customers.

Apart from the above-mentioned New Features, there are other features to be integrated such as Restaurant Menu Multiple Options/Toppings, One Store under Several Categories Free Delivery Promo Codes For Specific Delivery Stores, Store wise commission, Day wise separate time slots, Advanced level searching, OTP verification, Voice instruction for delivery drivers, COVID19 safety features, etc.

The Super App will have the usual set of features ensuring seamless operations of your business activities.

In Conclusion

If you are going to start an on-demand business launching an app like Gojek, keep the above-said things in mind and not forget these features that make you stand ahead in the competition. This helps make your business scale up in the market. Join hands with the Best Gojek Clone App Development Company that provides Top Selling Gojek Clone Script for your business.

So, do not wait now. It is the right time to partner with an app development company and gets your app launched in a week.

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Topics: Technology
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