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30$ worth of DEFICHAIN airdrop by Cakedefi

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1 year ago

Hello, Friends of Read.Cash, Today we are gonna be seeing about liquidity mining platform called pool by cakdefi.

Disclaimer: I am not your financial adviser and all information available below is for purely educational purposes. Please verify all of the Information before using it and don't make any investment decision except upon the advice of a professional financial adviser. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. The value and income derived from investments may go down as well as up.


This is one of those platforms again that allows you to earn more and more crypto. This is the bull run in motion right now and you want to put all of those satoshi's to work. Every single cent should be getting you some interest as of right now all of that money you hold should be in staking should be in defi should be in cefi, okay and this is another platform that allows you to do that and top of this they actually have a sign-up bonus worth of 30$ of defi token which is the defichain.

This Deficahin token has already been listed on a number of exchanges including Bittrex, hotbit, bitrue, latoken. so this is already an established project.

What is Defichain?

The DeFi Foundation is developing DeFiChain, a blockchain specifically dedicated to decentralized financial applications. By focusing on the functionality of the blockchain and dedicating it specifically to decentralized finance, DeFiChain provides unparalleled high transaction throughput, reduced risk of errors, and intelligent feature development specifically for the fulfillment of financial services on the blockchain.

we could kind of deem it as a form of a layer 2 for bitcoin allowing bitcoin to be wrapped and you know it is a very interesting project and seems to be one of those um kind of like more promising uh lightning network solutions or layer two solutions in bitcoin

How to Get The Airdrop?

To get this airdrop u have three caveats

  • U have to do a KYC to get the airdrop

  • U need to deposit 50$ on any supported crypto of the platform but there is no lock-in period for your deposit u can withdraw your crypto as soon u got the bonus of 30$

  • The value will be locked for 18o days wait don't fear as u the token will be locked in the staking pool with a yield of 37% for every 3 hrs and u can also withdraw the reward generated through the staking pool.

Liquidity mining

As the platform is new and still growing currently the reward payout for liquidity mining is high

As u can see the current liquidity mining rewards are very high

Apart from this they also offer lapis and staking

Lapis Service

Basically, what it means u are lending your crypto to the platforms in exchange u will get interest on that crypto. They are offering as high as 7.5% APY for Bitcoin. Basically, anything above 6% for bitcoin is deemed bullish.


As I said before the platform offers a staking service for the cryptos listed on the platform. what it is they are running the master node for that they are distributing the value in shares.

What I did?

I bought 50$ worth of dash in binance and transferred it to pool by cake. why dash is because it has the low transaction cost in the listed cryptos and after I got the bonus I have withdrawn the token and brought it back to binance.

I hope this article is helpful to u, I would like to hear your thoughts on this. If u have any doubt about investing or if u want my thoughts about a particular project pls comment down below.

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Written by   83
1 year ago
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