Kyiv City Center Excursion

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2 years ago


Kyiv is my favorite city, where I live all my life. I like to travel and it's always great to return to this Eternal City. During all my life I think I've made more than 100 excursions of different types and range for my friends from other cities and foreigners, people whom I met (they were free, of course, I'm not a professional guide).

Just now I made a driving excursion in the center of Kyiv (Ukraine) for you. Yes, for you. As if you are reading this - this is for you. I was driving in a car alone and decided to comment on some things. Of course these 3 videos show only part of Kyiv. But maybe I will make more, and I have more videos from Kyiv and Ukraine on my youtube channel

So here is Kyiv City Center Excursion in III parts

Part II

Part III

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