El Salvador positions itself as the first Bitcoin city at Expo2020 in Dubai

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1 year ago

On the Expo2020 in Dubai I was happy to visit El Salvador pavilions. Honestly speaking - I think that's the best in its category (among the small pavilions).

You have a mix of audio-visual presentations, such as the one below, which has strong message of "Bitcoin city", then in other room you have another presentation which shows the city, nature and the life there. And then - in a cafe room you can taste local coffee. And finally, near the exit - you can see they have a radio room, and they are broadcasting there. So it looks like El Salvador used the most from the space it had. And now I hope to visit it and sharing with you this short video

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Es muy interesante lo que esta pasando en estos países con crisis económicas que están viendo las criptomonedas como un soporte a sus bienes, esto es un impulso que permite hacer transacciones en criptomonedas con mas frecuencia.

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