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Creation of a Haskell module to manipulate with Cardano addresses (create random Byron, Shelley, stake addresses, …), currently only possible in command line.

1. Rather than having to constantly access the cabal repl command line in order to acquire wallet addresses, which wastes time, we want a module which can be imported into a file and then allows for a function to be called to:

  • Generate a random wallet address (Primary goal)

  • Generate staking addresses (optional but extra credit)

2. Here is how we would normally go about getting a Cardano dummy wallet address:

  • If on windows load up a virtual machine

  • Open the terminal in the virtual machine

  • Go into a nix-shell in /plutus/

  • Then navigate into the /plutus-pioneer-program/

  • Cabal build

  • Cabal repl

  • import Wallet.Emulator

  • import Ledger

  • pubKeyHash $ walletPubKey $ Wallet #

Pictured below is what it looks like:

So with the module, we would want to be able call some function and in return receive a random wallet address hash like this: 39f713d0a644253f04529421b9f51b9b08979d08295959c4f3990ee617f5139f

“Creation of a Haskell module to interface with Plutus modules to generate and manipulate randomized Cardano addresses so that we can easily and quickly access example addresses for wallets or staking contracts without having to go back and forth to the command line.”

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