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The Unofficial Search for the Bitcoin Cash Mascot

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1 year ago

Good day Bitcoin Cash lovers!

This is my first post after a 2 weeks of inactivity due to many demands of work. I hope everything is fine in BCH fam!

I'd like to share with you what other things that have kept me also busy: the survey on Bitcoin Cash Mascot.

This initiative was triggered by a blog from a good friend of mine, @Lerkfrend, about a Bitcoin Cash Mascot.

In his blog, he identified user, Kentokiyo, and @MoreGainStrategies as the people that prompted him to think about the importance of Bitcoin Cash Mascot and the ideal candidate.

Lerk gave very good criteria which the Bitcoin Cash Community could use in selecting their own Mascot which I think worth repeating:

  • Cute Animal 🐰

  • Consistent Branding 🦄

  • Meme Recognition 🤡

  • Strong Visual Language 🦁

  • Community 🦙

@MoreGainStrategies shared his thoughts about his Mascot candidate in the comment section. Being me, I was not able also to keep my mouth shut and joined their conversation and threw my own 2 cent in the discussion.

This brainstorming session was not followed-up by yours truly but after 3 months, I saw again a post from @MoreGainStrategies in promoting a cute, memeable, mascot which could be the community's rallying point.

I suggested to him that we could ask the community for other ideas through survey and probably can ask another user to draw the mascot.

Unofficial and unsanctioned Survey

As a disclaimer, I would like to point out that this survey is neither sanctioned by Bitcoin Cash Network, nor It was just an attempt of 3 crazy Bitcoin Cash supporters to feel the sentiment of the community if the community finds the need for a mascot which they could rally behind.

Another thing, the survey was not expertly done. It might be even be biased to one candidate by the way the question was formulated. But I trust that the respondents were not swayed by this bias and that they decided based on their own free and independent mind about their preferred mascot. Anyway, I have provided a separate open-ended question (Question 2) where respondents could write any kind of mascot, they would like to nominate.

Lastly, there is no sampling methodology to speak of. It was just crowd-sourcing and the total respondents, which is just 18, do not speak for the entire Bitcoin Cash Community.

Even with these limitations, I am happy to share with you the result. If this unofficial survey creates a buzz and triggers serious discussion among respectable members of Bitcoin Cash Network, then I think this survey has served its purpose.

Posting the survey in multiple sites

My talk with @MoreGainStrategies happened the last week of April and I released on April 30 the survey questions via 3 posts in, and even in for maximum exposure:

I kept the survey open for about a week and after that I closed the survey and summarized the result.

The Unofficial Result

Question 1: What Mascot Best represent Bitcoin Cash?

Preferred Mascot

Out of 11 respondents, overwhelming majority favors the Cash Cow Mascot. Aside from Capybaras, the other nominated mascots are the following:

bear, leopard, gecko, penguin, niffler, love bird, owl, Cuban tody bird, monkey, horse, koala, tiger, green bee, short-tailed wallabies, cat, cheetah, jaguar, falcon, and eagle

Question 2: What should be the color of the mascot?
Again, the greater majority (11 votes) elected the green as the preferred color of the Mascot. This is not surprising because green is also the Bitcoin Cash logo. Other votes include a combination of black and green, white and green, and single vote for brown.

Question 3: What other distinguishable feature you would like to add to the animal (e.g. hat, coin, eye-glass)? Please also explain why.
These are the added accessories that were recommended to be worn by the Bitcoin Cash Mascot.

  • A hat

  • Wings

  • Glasses

  • Gold coin

  • Moon necklace

  • Coin and sunglasses

  • Wearing a T-shirt with BCH logo

  • A trident in the right paw in a rising position

  • Lightning logo (like Flash) or Hermes’ helmet

Final Thoughts

Some HODLERs might not like the idea of having a mascot or even an animal mascot. I have heard their side and respect their positions. But I will just repost here my responses to a well crafted critique of another user who goes by the name @RowanSkie.

Thank you Sir for your very thoughtful response, I think you deserve a reply as a matter of courtesy. I am not speaking for the other two (lerkfrend and moregainstrategies) and this is just my thought.

I think the idea of having an animal mascot is to put a fun spin on the brand where people could use that mascot to create memes and popularize BCH the way other crypto projects (you call them DEFI) with the exemption of Doge. There is nothing wrong with the BCH logo, the one with capital B leaning back, inside a circle and colored green. Oh that's the picture in my profile. In non-crypto related business, companies still have mascot even though they have their company logo already (e.g. Mcdonald, Jollibee, Wendy's) because the mascot sells and attract customers.

But there is still a good case of having a mascot regardless whether you are DEFI or coin. If most of the mascot right now is on DEFI, then BCH would be the first crypto to have its own mascot. And that's a good promotion for me. Why animals? Simply because they are lovable and cute. Although the survey asks for animals, the answer section for Question number 2 is open-ended. The respondent can write anything she/he wants.

If the BCH community does not really want a mascot, we shall see that in couple of days if there are no responses. If we get hate post regarding this mascot, then we'll just make a BCH mascot meme and laugh at it. As they say in showbiz, bad publicity is still publicity.

What do you think friends from the Bitcoin Cash Community about this initiative? We would love to hear your thoughts on this matter. Cheers and much respect!

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Written by   138
1 year ago
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Some HODLERs might not like the idea of having a mascot or even an animal mascot. I have heard their side and respect their positions. But I will just repost here my responses to a well crafted critique of another user.

Why the link to your post not my comment XD

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1 year ago

Your comment is under my post. I don't want to post your name without your permission.

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1 year ago

Then I give my permission. Don't worry, it is a valid critique you answered nicely.

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1 year ago

Nice piece of writing! And i agree there should be a mascotte. I'm not sure a cow is the way to go though. Cows just taste too darned good, and i'm afraid some of us, ABSOLUTELY NOT ME!!, could maybe not resist the temptation and... well.... have a steak dinner.... Just my 3 cents though...

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1 year ago

You know what's good with cow? Farmers!!! Combine Farmers with Cow? You have SmartBCH hahahaha.

Seriously, cows are great because they know how to say, "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!".

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1 year ago

This is an interesting idea, I had not really thought of mascots in crypto but I guess there really are some mascots like DOGE. Well done

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User's avatar R23
1 year ago

Very nice write-up. Thank you for following through. 😊

Now we just need to get more traction. I will write a follow up article to yours in which I present some cow / bull memes. 🐮

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1 year ago

I know an NC user who is willing to draw this mascot, I will introduce him to you.

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1 year ago

Oh, that's great. Yesterday, I asked a friend UsmanSh. He is still learning to illustrate, though.

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1 year ago

Madalaw nga post ni morgee 😁 okay naman ang cow..

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1 year ago

Hehehe, thanks Jane

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1 year ago