Introduction to The Bitcoin Cash Ecosystem

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A crypto coin lives or dies with their community, just like the expression of decentralization is encoded in the structure of most blockchains, the same happens with their users, if people love a crypto coin, they would create dapps, platforms, and centralized businesses to service and promote their community.

This is true for every single coin that has gained in value, it is all about voluntary efforts spread globally and that are persistent.

For this reason, I want to share with you guys the interesting projects that I have found on the bitcoin cash ecosystem.

So, without further ado, lets get to it:

1.- Read.Cash

This is a centralized blogging platform that I have been using for several moths now (perhaps you are reading me inside of it) I have made a notable amount of money from it, which in turn, made me pay attention to the bitcoin cash ecosystem to begin with. I do recommend it but do keep in mind that is centralized (with the exception of your wallet)


A bitcoin cash twitter alternative, if you are heavy in microblogging, this could be very useful to you, so far my experience on it has been average, I have not made money out of it, but I also haven't use it as much.

The other day I tried to use it and gave me several error codes, so there is that.

3.- EatBCH

A charity project to fund direct relief into very poor people, they provide proof of transactions by taking pictures of the people receiving food with a paper of the block height at the moment of receiving it. I have written an article about them here:

Highly recommended.


Swan cash is a listing site to advertise projects made on Bitcoin Cash. It really helps you bring things into perspective, specially since there are projects for almost anything, it has NFT's, derivatives, wallets, management of your last will, social networks, nft market places, etc


So here you go, some interesting projects inside of the bitcoin cash community, will you use them? have they picked your interest? let me know in the comments down below.

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