7 Things that I hate of the crypto community

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Note: I made a positive version of the idea behind this article highlighting the positive things I often find on the crypto community, you can read that article over here: https://www.publish0x.com/cryptolohy101/7-things-that-i-love-of-the-crypto-community-xdnyzjg

There is no perfection in this world, things break, this get old, misunderstandings happen, this is also the same within the crypto community, that, although it has many good qualities in many of its members, it also has a dark side that even if you are relatively new you might be able to spot.

Today I want you to give you a heads up, so that you can protect yourself out of these pernicious elements.

1. Scammy

The crypto community is one of the most scam prone communities I have found, with thousands of victims pilling up every year.

Here is just a brief and not exhaustive list of the most common scams that you should avoid.

1.1.- On discord or telegram people will contact you claiming to be part of a crypto team from a group you are a part of, and after some small talk they will ask you to give them access to your private keys in a variety of ways, or to send them some crypto, for instance, if you have a technical issue with a crypto wallet, an impersonator might tell you that in order to get your wallet to function you need to send that person 100 USD worth of crypto.

It is best to ignore and block cold chats altogether while you are inside the crypto community.

1.2.- On YouTube people claiming to be the channel owner will contact you and try to get you to send them some money, the avatar picture will match that of the influencer and he/she would be commenting on the YouTube channel he is trying to impersonate.

1.3.- ads on YouTube will pop up specially inside crypto content channels, usually is a pirated video of Vitalik Buterin talking with a QR code embedded on the video, asking to send them Ethereum or something like that, ignore and report the account.

These are just a couple, there are more, needless to say, I loath this criminal section of the crypto community.

2.- Unruly

I have witness myself many times a crypto netizen proclaim how much he despises authority and wishes to live in direct anarchy, sometimes backing up such words with similar actions that tend to be mildly annoying to some people.

I dislike this unruly-neess both in principle but also since it is usually is counterproductive, and when going to the extreme it derives in criminal behavior, such as when people commit crimes using crypto and they assume is nothing wrong since their political ideology tells them so, for instance with people who run black markets for drugs and similar ilegal stuff.

3.- Too Liberal Sometimes

I have seen crypto people advocate for abortion, the decriminalization of all drugs, open borders, and the abolition of taxes altogether, as well as degenerate sexual behavior, including pedophilia.

No thanks, I want law and order and I am fine with the state existing, some conflicts cannot be resolved in real life peer to peer and for some problems you need a community, not just a motivated individual.

Yeah, I agree with repelling unjust laws, make the state smaller, more efficient and less corrupt with blockchain, smart contracts and software, but just like private property, states will continue to exist, the best way I could described it to crypto people, is that a state is similar to an NFT with the private keys for a defined community hardware, people will not give up on their nationalities and the states they deem to hold authority over their lands, is just not going to happen.

4.- Greedy

The number-go-up crowd is large, and I myself want to have some healthy returns on my investment, however, some people take this to the extreme and try to fleece as much money out of the system as possible, even if their actions are not moral or legal, for instance, because of greed we have a ton of rug pulls in DEFI, because of greed we have youtubers pumping and dumping a coin per week, because of greed we have miners driving Ethereum to the ground even though the blockchain is bleeding users as we speak.

Many prominent crypto fights were at least partially fueled by greed, and is such a waste.

5.- Prideful

Many bitcoin maximalists are evidently fueled by pride, arrogantly despising other coins and their hodlers as hopelessly deluded, even if they made gains.

This pride also extends to the DIY projects, that sometimes take more that they can chew and end up disappointing everyone, like in the ICO fever in which prideful teams were promising radical new technologies and at the end only delivered a half baked smart contract that barely worked.

"Pride goeth before destruction: and the spirit is lifted up before a fall."

Proverbs 16:18

6.- Reckless

Betting your rent money on dogecoin going up? asking for a high interest loan to gamble on a new food coin on DEFI? investing all your crypto gains in one obscure coin that is the number 3000 in coinmarketcap?

Releasing a smart contract without checking even superficially if it has bugs?

Reckless, not cool.

7.- Addicted to Newness

many crypto netizens are trapped on the newness loop, with new coins popping up everywhere, these guys try to keep up with everything under the sun, investing on new coins as soon as they know about it, but also extending to the idea of reinventing the wheel with new protocols, new platforms and new projects.

What this section of the crypto community miscalculates is that sometimes the more antique way of doing things is the way to go, and conversely, that just because something is new, it doesn't mean that is automatically better.

So, now you now the 7 things I hate about (certain parts) of the crypto community, a list of undesirable traits that I also use as guides of what not to do or stop doing, do you agree with my assessment? would you like to add something to it? let me know in the comments down below!

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