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Top 5 Altcoins With Great Technology Behind Them

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If you are looking to invest in something new, something existing and something that can give massive returns in a short period, cryptocurrency is the best choice for you today. And when considering to invest in cryptocurrency, it’s wise to look beyond Bitcoin.

Everyone seems to be investing in cryptocurrencies, for most people, bitcoin seems to be the only choice. But, those who understand how the crypto market works, know that some altcoins are more powerful and have a better future potential than Bitcoin.

So, when you are planning to invest in cryptocurrencies, do research about all your options, including top altcoins, especially the ones backed by strong and futuristic technologies like blockchain, smart contracts, and e-commerce.

Here are the top 5 cryptocurrencies that are changing the crypto field with their powerful, technology-backed concepts:

1. Ether - The most significant rival of Bitcoin, ETH is a cryptocurrency backed blockchain technology. Unlike Bitcoin, ETH is all about blockchain and how the technology can be used for the good of the masses. From blockchain-based app development to smart contracts and DeFi, Ethereum has unlimited potential to grow itself and its investors along with it.

2. Libra Coin - Not many people have heard of the Libra Coin and the Libra project. But, those who have, know about the immense potential and scope of this project. Created as an exclusive blockchain for e-commerce systems & SMEs, the Libra Ecosystem effectively resolves the various challenges of the e-commerce industry through its blockchain-based system, which includes a powerful global digital payment system, smart contracts, DApps and much more.

3. Ripple - Ripple was essentially created as an alternative to bitcoin to work as a digital payment network for global financial transactions. Same as Bitcoin, the use and access of Ripple is not limited to any particular system and can be used anywhere by anyone in the world. As of now, it is the third largest cryptocurrency in the world by market cap.

4. Litecoin - When you are looking for an alternative to bitcoin, Litecoin (LTC) should definitely be an option to consider. As a blockchain-backed peer-to-peer currency, LTC primarily acts as a digital currency for performing P2P transactions on the blockchain. With a faster processing time and a higher per second transaction limit, Litecoin is more efficient compared to Bitcoin.

5. Binance Coin - As the native coin for the Binance exchange, the world’s largest exchange for cryptocurrencies, the Binance coin can not only be used for trading hundreds of digital coins but also as a means for investing in ICOs listed on the Binance launchpad program. As an ERC-20 token, the coin is compatible with ETH and several other coins in the market.

Over time, Bitcoin has lost its reputation as a currency for digital payments because of its limited transaction capability and high processing time and is now mostly used as a means for storing value. In short, it’s more like gold than currency in the real world. This is why the need for altcoins emerged.

Cryptocurrencies such as Ripple and the Libra coin act as really good compliments, if not alternatives, to bitcoin and also have really good ROI potential for investors looking to get good returns by investing in the short or long term.

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1 year ago
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