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Top 10 Cryptocurrencies to Hold in 2022

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2 weeks ago

Unlike before when people were worried about the volatility of cryptocurrencies and used to acquire them only to make quick returns in the short term, things are changing now. Nowadays, people are focusing more on acquiring coins that can give huge returns in the long term. The so-called blue-chip cryptocurrencies are getting famous as a medium for people to earn good rewards when they hold them for a considerable period.

But big cryptos aren’t the only one’s people are acquiring with the intention to hold. Here is our list of the top ten cryptocurrencies that people are picking up and holding these days.

1. Bitcoin

2. ETH



5. Cardano

6. Litecoin

7. Bitcoin Cash

8. Ethereum Classic

9. Chainlink

10. Polygon

Which coins do people hold longest?

Our research indicates that the cryptocurrencies that are often held longest are the ones having high stability and low volatility. These are well-established coins that people trust and have the support of several institutional and retail holders.

Projects with real use cases and a relatively easier onboarding process are also the ones people love to acquire with the intention to hold. These coins have high demand in the market and will is likely to grow at a steady pace over the long term. Bitcoin, ETH, Litecoin are some popular examples.

Bitcoin, for example, is one of the top cryptocurrencies to be held longest. The reasons include a huge trust for this coin in the market and increasing use cases for the currency as more brands and exchanges are adopting it. ETH is the second best. It is popular as the first blockchain to introduce smart contracts, enabling people to build their own tokens with ease.

Which coins are people holding for the short term?

Not all cryptocurrencies are made to be held for extended periods. Our research also suggests that people tend to quickly get rid of coins that are highly volatile and have frequent and significant movements.

But this does not mean that these coins are bad, or one should not acquire them. In fact, people looking to make quick returns in short periods can obtain these volatile coins as they can have significant upside moves very quickly.

The only downside of holding volatile cryptocurrencies is that there is a substantial risk. Many of these coins also go through frequent and significant downside movements. The idea is to identify the right time to acquire a coin.

Coins that pay you rewards for holding

And then there is the third type of coin - cryptocurrencies that pay your rewards for simply holding them. These are the best types of crypto to hold, as you’ll both receive dividends from your holdings and benefit from the coins’ price appreciation over the holding period.

SEEK COIN is one of the latest and best examples of dividend-paying cryptocurrencies. Created as the native coin for the SEEK ECOSYSTEM, the SEEK COIN is based on the Binance blockchain.

It pays dividends to all holders, irrespective of the number of coins they hold and for how long. Anyone who has SEEK COIN in their wallet will receive real-time dividends for every transaction that occurs in the system (SEEK ECOSYSTEM). All dividends are credited directly to the holders’ wallets.

Additionally, the SEEK COIN holders will also benefit from the coins’ price appreciation. To ensure that the coin’s value increases over time, systematic coin burns are performed to reduce the supply and increase the coin value in the market.

Overall, dividend-paying cryptocurrencies like the SEEK COIN are the best to hold in the long term. The SEEK COIN Presale starts in January 2022.

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2 weeks ago
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