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Excelli Coin Investor Benefits — Why Invest in Excelli Coin

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Earn reward tokens for every transaction

The users and investors of XLE can earn free reward tokens in a number of ways, including buying on the Excelli app, by referring others to buy from Excelli, group buying, and by creating content on the Excelli social platform. Every time a user shops on the Excelli app, they get a fixed percentage of the transaction value back in the form of reward tokens. These free tokens can be used to shop more on the platform.

It’s a decentralized token that cannot be manipulated

XLE is built on the Solana blockchain and acts as a decentralized token that is not governed by any regulatory frameworks and, therefore, not controlled by centralized entities such as banks and governments. At the same time, the XLE token price cannot be manipulated by traditional market methods such as inflation. As a blockchain token, XLE offers increased transparency, anonymity and security in digital transactions. All this makes XLE a powerful coin for DeFi development.

It’s a progressive coin

Excelli coin is being referred to as the world’s first progressive coin. As we know, the crypto market is highly volatile, which means there is always the risk of losing your hard-earned money invested in crypto. With the constant demand generation for the token from the purchase transactions within the Excelli platform, it can result in a progressive increase of the token price.

Real-time Value

Unlike other e-commerce platforms that offer reward tokens or points with no real monetary value, XLE reward tokens are a real cryptocurrency that can be used for payments on the Excelli app as well as traded in various leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

Multiple Use Cases

Another benefit of investing in the Excelli coin is the presence of a large number of use cases. Excelli coin can be used across the Excelli platform to access the various existing and future services of Excelli and to buy a wide range of products on the platform. This is expected to boost the demand for the coin, which in turn will boost the Excelli coin value in the market.

What is the Excelli Super app?

The Excelli super app is an all-inclusive social e-commerce finance app that can be used for a variety of online services and transactions, including social networking, chatting, shopping, digital payments, groceries, food delivery, travel bookings, hotel bookings, cab hire, entertainment, gaming, pharmacy and more. All transactions, including rewards, on the Excelli app, are fuelled by Excelli coins.

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